Saturday, November 28, 2009

Facts Make Jiggery-pokery Really Arduous

by Smitty

This weeks FMJRA title celebrates a level of global thievery vast enough to make Bernie Madoff blush. The CRU clowns were not only playing fast and loose with grant money, their duplicity has been distorting public policy along heinous lines for years now. May the perpetrators rot.

It's hard to tell whether the Big Lie of global warming exceeds die Große Lüge that the health care debate is become. What amount of cure-worse-than-disease is sufficient to give even modern hyper-partisan über-pragmatists pause? Is it sheer religious zealotry? Do they grasp their wrong-headedness, but need to play out the charade in full, in political tool fashion, for their owners?

May the grace of God continue to empower us to deal peacefully, legally with these destroyers in the 111th Congress.

And now onto our regular FMJRA.

Yeah, Top Ten: Yeah
Special recognition is afforded to Bombs and Dollars for putting us at #7. This is exactly the sort of shamelessness we applaud and encourage.
Not to be outshone, Mulieris Dignitatem inaugurates The Other McCain Award, with a photo hinting at Stacy's heretofore unknown sci-fi alter-ego.

Try-dumb-virate Care:
PelosiCare, ReidCare, ObamaCare, I don't care: it's giving steaming piles of hooey a bad name, like that of the atrocious 111th Congress from whence 'twas excreted.
  • Dixinet reveals the surprise identity of Senator Louisiana Purchase.
  • Belvedere rounds up reactions and adds some thoughts.
Yeah, I Bought Three Copies:
Gave one away today to someone.
  • The Daley Gator hat tips our 11 reporters fact-checking Going Rogue post. Then he suggests Stacy run her 2012 campaign, to which she hasn't exactly committed ATM.
Bill Sparkman Results:
Stacy, of course, owned his own Memeorandum thread on the topic.Clubbing SEALs:The New Stage in the Struggle:
It will be an open question for historians whether the bizzarre revelations of 2009 for the climate, about ACORN, Insptectors General, and all of the other noise swirling about amounts to a new phase. Bob Belvedere maintains the definitive index on the IG-Gate.Rush puts the whole mood to music in this video that might last for too long on YouTube:

South by Southwest?
  • Stogie links us, but doubts the lefty drift: "I think it is unlikely that South Park will go too far left. If they do, they will surely hear about it."
  • Political ByLine is amazed that the state media can get away with much.
  • The Camp of the Saints is moderate in its South Park views.
A Week Without Andrew Sullivan? Not This One:Parodies in Paradise
  • Fischersville Mike thinks that he created a monster, with the afterbirth of the Copacabana parody. "Its name was RICO. It was a statute..."
Still Unsure Why Rick Moran Torques Me So Much:
The last week afforded a couple of opportunities to rebut Rick.
  • Smash Mouth Politics decided she is litmus paper.
  • SI VIS PACEM: "I don't care how Moran sees himself, but in framing his argument in Leftist fashion and adopting Leftist premises, it's... difficult for him to make his argument from Conservatism."
  • House of Eratosthenes offered a coveted "Best Sentence I’ve Heard Or Read Lately (BSIHORL)" to the following: To tweak Nietzsche, socialism is the opiate of the bureaucracy, but addiction lacks middle ground.
  • Paco Enterprises thinks that aspiring to be as smart as Rick Moran is a low bar. Hey, man: 'Set low goals, fail to meet them' is one of my major points in life.
  • Bob Belvedere nominates me for Fisk Chef. That would be Stacy. Out here on the porch, I'm just the sous chef. One does not over-rate one's apron.
Your Organization Supports the Opposition:
Stacy managed to post about the CCHD issue in a model of journalistic restraint.Brewhahah:
  • So it Goes in Shreveport slices Stacy's argument thinly, differentiating between genuine enjoyment and foppishness in beverage choice.
Monty Python settles the argument definitively, [NSFW]:

  • Dustbury links us with a retro title that is highly appreciated.

Other FMJRA outings:Miscellaneous Shouts:
  • Fischersville Mike noted the Dennis Moore retirement post.
  • American Glob asks if this blog has any ideas about the curious mis-alignment of resources in the war on terror. Yes: involvement. The only reason the left isn't rolling over us is that we're paying attention. No charlatan gets away with anything before the truly attentive audience. What we see is a pile of tripe, but don't let the horror deflect the gaze.
  • The Classic Liberal opines that Ed Begley is just plain crazy.
There's your Thanksgiving weekend FMJRA. Technorati still has not technical restoration in sight. Which remains a crying shame. I've got some other ideas, but I need to STFU and implement them before wasting anyone's time on the hand waving. In the meantime, don't let my inattentiveness in the RSS reader get you down. Take action. Mail your updates, corrections, and rubber-chicken floggings to Smitty.

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