Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How about that recovery

by Smitty

Over at Slashdot, editor Roblimo has some harrowing upbeat tales of economic woe success under the tenure of the evil good President Bush Obama.

Even in the government contractor realm, we're facing furlough letters for stocking stuffers.

Remember people: the people who caused this mess are unlikely to solve it. Furthermore, just swapping out one big-government stuffed shirt for another macht nichts.

The national come-to-beavis meeting next November had better be about ratcheting Federal power down, not up, or we're collectively touching ourselves.

If you're pushing Progressivism in 2012, you might as well re-elect BHO for all the good you're doing anyone.

1 comment:

  1. According to Roblimo, all those guys getting rich if we have a jobless recovery are Republicans. Funny, I thought all those Wall Street guys went for Obama.