Wednesday, November 11, 2009


by Smitty

Aliester, over at American Glob writes that Road Scholar Stacy McCain is headed to Florida for next Tuesday's Triumphal Tea Party arrival.

There was something of a fat-chewing going on. For a nominal hit to the tip jar, you too can freely associate with Stacy the Notorious Free Associator. Although you should RTWT, Aliester ends with:
The libertarians need to stop bashing the neocons, the neocons need to stop trashing the Paulistas, the beltway pros need to stop trashing the grassroots and on and on...

Michael Steele, the head of the Republican National Committee, says he wants to build a big tent. Let’s give it to him.

We can start by working together. Let’s settle the small stuff after the 2010 elections.
I'd expand that thought to note that the bulk of the 'small stuff' arguments I here seem to be built upon the notion that only DC can lead on any issue.

Let's put pluribus over unum for domestic questions, which is where that 'small stuff' should play itself out, good people.

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  1. "Let's put pluribus over unum for domestic questions."

    Might adopt this as my motto.