Thursday, November 12, 2009

See, now, if I was WH communications director...

by Smitty (h/t Insty)

So there is a Christopher Walken clip doing a dramatic reading:

And here is the related Lady Gaga clip, so rudely un-embeddable.

The question I have is, why not take it the other way? Has anyone considered that Lady Gaga, combined with some Hopium and Change-eeba speeches, might just be the lethal combination that gets Conservatives to drink the kool-aid?

This blog doesn't find Lady Gaga's 100% unnatural look terribly compelling, but her over-the-top vamping combined with the potent platitudes of the Community Organizer in Chief could be the two wrongs that make it all right.

We'll let the Troglopundit, The Camp of the Saints, and Three Beers Later, that trio of Rule 5 aficionadoes, weigh in on the matter. Hopefully their analysis includes auto-tune.

Update: Bob Belvedere comes through with the graphic,


  1. -Auto-Tune has, in fact, been used by Barry O since he began to campaign for President. He has used it exactly the way its creators intended: as a vehicle to lie to and deceive the listener. We saw it used most effectively by Barry in his recent speech as the Ft. Hood Memorial Service wherein he seemed to be saying we were, in his mind, at war. In fact, of course, especially considering AG Holder's announced actions today, we know this to be not true in the least. But so many people wanted to believe he 'gets it' that they're praising the speech, even though it is chock-full of auto-tuning. Smitty, perhaps you've done us all a service by creating a term to describe what happens when this fool speaks [ex: ‘Obama’s auto-tuning again’ (someone tell Mrs. Malkin and Miss Coulter so this will go viral)].

    -As for Lady Gaga, she does seem to appeal to some conservatives I know [a certain Left-Coast Professor (I’ll only say, he has the initials DD) seems to find himself drawn to her], but her actions have too much of a 'decadence unleashed as Rome falls' vibe to cause her to have any sustained appeal to the Right, beyond the desire to see her naked once. She would never be considered as a candidate for a TCOTS Rule 5. My named colleagues may be as shameless as I when it comes to Rule 5 and related matters, but they, like me, do, whether you want to accept the fact or not, have standards. It seems to me this Lady GagGag Trollope [as I like to call her] does not meet them. She is not very original and everything she does has been done many times before by others with a lot more talent [see Glitter Rock, New Wave, and burlesque].