Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're going to Disney World! Er, actually, no, but it's kind of in that neighborhood

As previously blogged yesterday, I've been invited by Barbara Espinosa of American Freedom blog to join her in Orlando to cover Thursday's final stop of the Tea Party Express tour.

Mrs. Other McCain has to work, so she can't make the trip, but two of my sons -- James, 16, and Jefferson, 10 -- will be coming along for the ride. Jeff was packing this afternoon and I said, "Make sure you bring a swimsuit." And he asked, "Why?" I said, "There's a pool at the hotel and besides, it's Florida. We may get a chance to go to the beach."

It's not a vacation for me, but it is for two of my six kids. And if you guessed that this is the post where I put up a picture of my cute kids and try to guilt-trip you into hitting the tip jar, you're right.

That's my wife and three youngest at a Hagerstown Suns minor-league baseball game last year. Consider this a "family values" message for aspiring bloggers. If you want to succeed in the blogosphere, it helps to have a beautiful family.

Now, please hit the tip jar. Even if we can't afford to go to Disney World, these kids are going to eat a lot of footlong hot dogs ($3), drink a lot of Slushies ($2), play Skeeball at the boardwalk arcade ($10), and demand that I stop every time we see a "Fireworks" sign at the Interstate exit ($50).


    I know you'll are sailors - but today is the birthday of the greatest organization in the world. Bar none!
    Today I am 234 years old. My only regret is I left too many buddies behind 42 years ago ; well and I wish I'd killed more g**ks .

    To every one who ever wore the Globe + Anchor Happy Birthday. I will drink a few for you guys and the brave men wearing the Globe + Anchor right now protecting. Kill a few for me guys!

    An old exJarhead
    Cerritos, CAl

  2. Heads up

    The first day Imus broadcast he raised FBN’s morning slot rating by 1500%

    ChannelXRFR is back blogging on Imus Times HERE.


  3. Beach?


    Dude. Get a map and check it out.

  4. I was rooting for LUANN to come she's more fun, than u know who.You may be surprised those darling boys may get to go to Disney World and Sea World. Don't tell him it's not close to the beach. He was tricked into believing it is. But it does have a swimming pool. See you in the sunshine.

  5. James and I are seventeen, and post something about my frigin performance

  6. Pedro sez Don't forget "South of the Border" if you're going down I-95.

  7. The Disney World tickets are really steep.

  8. Godspeed on your trip, Stacy. As your children are homeschooled, I gather the main lesson for this week for the two boys will be 'The Need For Speed'.