Thursday, November 12, 2009

35 good ideas from VotS

by Smitty

Valley of the Shadow has a helpful post of conversation starters and TODO list items, if you didn't know what to do in preparation for the crucial 2010 mid-terms.

This blog offers no guarantees about #35, but JSF gives good blog, FWIW.


  1. ...or we can start a new party, and leave the GOP on the side of the road like the carcass it is. THEY'RE NEVER GOING TO GET IT.

  2. Or you can listen to Levin and Rush who said that a Third party right now is a fool's game.

    If you want a third party bad enough, convince a contigent of Congressman and Senators to join it.

    Until then, I sent the Blog post to all those who we have to target. I will continue to put a target on the Left's back until they pay for the Hate they inflicted on Bush and Palin. Thus, the target is also on my back too.

    Who's got my back?