Monday, November 9, 2009

Politico news flash: Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann don't count as 'women'

More twisted interpretation of NY23:
Conservatives say they pushed Dede Scozzafava out of the House race in New York's 23rd District a week ago because of her left-of-Republican social views -- and not because she is a woman.
But the growing schism between the Republican Party's ascendant right wing and its shrinking moderate core has clear gender undertones -- and Scozzafava's departure raises fresh questions about the GOP's ability to recruit, elect and even tolerate the sort of moderate women who used to be part of its ruling mainstream.
While Republicans scored a pair of impressive electoral victories in New Jersey and Virginia with solid support among female voters, the events of the last week offer harbingers of serious trouble ahead with the largest swing voter bloc in the country -- women. . . .
Why is it that only pro-choice liberals count as "women"? It's as if Phyllis Schlafly, Bay Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingrham and Michelle Malkin were un-persons.


  1. It is the left. If they disagree with you, marginalize them. If you cannot marginalize them, ignore them.

    The left ignores the facts and instead appeals to female voters based on lies, simply hoping that nobody calls them on it, or that those who call them on it do not get heard through the massive outcry of "repressed women" against republicans.

  2. Don't forget, Colin Powell, Michael Steele, Charles Payne etc... don't count as black men either, and Condoleeza Rice counts as neither black nor a woman. Being Republican cancels out your membership to any minority group.

  3. Well of course Palin and Bachmann aren't women. Heh, I mean, they're attractive females, with happy family lives who moved their way up in politics w/o the benefit of a famous spouse or family name, and they foolishly cling to this conservative viewpoint. Real women don't act that way. Can I get an fist pump ladies? Maureen? Peggy? Kathleen? Come on, don't leave me hanging, ladies...pfff hoes...


  4. This really was a pretty ridiculous article. It's the Democrats that just pushed women's health care under the bus. They told women they had to vote for Obama and the Dems or loose their right to choose, and now look. LOL! After all this time, its the Democrats that have stung women. You can expect to see a lot of BS articles trying to get women to forget they've just been shafted by the party that claims to be on their side. Will women get it? Don't hold your breath.

  5. Is a liberal man more of a woman than a conservative woman?

    Where do you guys think Politico stands on this PhD-worthy question?

  6. Anon 09NOV09@2347: Yes.

    Used to be called the Alan Alda Syndrome.