Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is Obama bungling the Middle East?

Sammy Benoit thinks so:
President Obama's Middle East policy is in ruins. While the U.S. continues to press Israel for a settlement freeze (and a freeze on Jerusalem), Obama's strategy is falling apart piece by piece. He has turned the Israeli populace against him and strengthened the hand of Prime Minister Netanyahu. At the same time, he has eroded his own support among American Jews and other U.S. friends of Israel. This is why he has pressured political hacks such as Congressman Steve Israel to lend their names to the anti-Israel group known as J Street. . . .
You should read the whole thing. It seems Obama is repeating the errors of the Clinton administration, trying to make peace with people who don't actually want peace -- unless you define "peace" as the liquidation of Israel, which is the ultimate objective of Fatah, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Sammy blogs at Yid With Lid.


  1. Adam Sandler actually does a better job at Middle East diplomacy with You Don't Mess With The Zohan. I liked the scene where the Arab guy in Brooklyn says everyone thinks we are terrorists and the Israeli guy says, everyone thinks we are Arabs.

    Then again, I could watch Emmanuelle Chriqui churn butter all day and be entertained.

  2. Apparently the White House is doing a little early spring cleaning this week...

    What a nice birthday present to the United States Marine Corp on its birthday!


    Among our still fighting survivors,
    many appear to be walking dead,
    yet still combat capable.

    Two thirds are wounded, yet they carry on.
    All are suffering from frostbitten skin.
    frozen ears, faces, toes, and fingers
    are commonplace.

    Some walk on frozen,
    thus living on borrowed time.
    Their faces are grotesque, dirty, unshaven.
    gaunt with hunger from short rations.

    All are bone eary from lack of sleep.
    They have been under incessant attack
    for three days and four nights.

    Some of the wounded are so disabled,
    they cannot move to generate body heat.
    They freeze to death in horrible stiffness.

    Equipment and vehicle wreckage
    is everywhere
    To add to the burden,
    it is snowing again...

    If low, heavy clouds persist,
    There will be no air cover or support
    to hold the enemy at bay...
    as we move to break out!

    Unlike Anita Dunn, I am not a fan of Chairman Mao. Neither are most Marines.