Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carrie Prejean sex video?

Oh, this is not going to be good for her:
Sean Hannity . . . had the 22-year-old author on his Fox News Channel program last night.
As he so succinctly put it, "We might as well go right to it." . . .
Prejean replied . . . yes, there was a tape she had done as a teenager. She made it for a distant boyfriend whom she loved at the time. She said TMZ can call it a "sex tape" if it wants. But she was alone on the video, and no one else was in the room.
Groan. Bad for Carrie. Good for "Carrie Prejean sex video" Google-bombers. Even I hate to have to troll for that kind of traffic, but if conservative bloggers don't do it, the Perez Hiltons will monopolize it. And that would be wrong.

Mamas Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up to Be Downloads.

UPDATE: Among the conservative bloggers joining the Google-bomb bonanza: Ann Althouse, Doug Mataconis, the BlogProf and Professor Donald Douglas. This shouldn't have to be explained, but you shouldn't actually post the Carrie Prejean sex video when (and if) it ever actually comes out.

The whole point here is to prevent the Left and sleazy celeb-tabloid blogs from getting all the Google-search traffic. Every time a porn-freak Googles "Carrie Prejean sex video," there should be at least a 50% chance he'll click onto a blog that makes him ask himself, "Don't you have anything better to do with your life, you sick freak?"

Maybe it will change their life, maybe not. But either way, I'm figuring that a good percentage of those sick freaks aren't down for the whole deficit-spending Obama/Pelosi liberal agenda.

Even sick freaks can vote, you know. I'm figuring there's probably enough recovering porn addicts in Nevada to beat Harry Reid, if we can just find a way to reach them. So maybe this Carrie Prejean sex video is a blessing in disguise.

Lemons = lemonade?

UPDATE II: Jimmie Bise looks on the bright side.

UPDATE III: Turns out Monique Stuart beat me -- no pun intended -- to this story last week:
Carrie Prejean demanded more than a million dollars during her settlement negotiations with Miss California USA Pageant officials -- that is, until the lawyer for the Pageant showed Carrie an XXX home video of her handiwork. . . .
Let’s just say, Carrie has a promising solo career.
Not good for Carrie.


  1. her you go. Congress needs to enact a referandum that makes it a Law that every American must be nationally scandalized by something they did in their teens...mandatory!! or you can't pay taxes & vote....however,age requirement need not apply to senators such as Baaaahny F.

  2. What a surprise:
    A girl grows up surrounded by the sex crazed society that America is, increased, no doubt, by the California experience and she videos herself for her boyfriend while in her teens.
    What a crime:
    That same girl grows up and realizes that she made mistakes in her life, and wishing to no longer make those same mistakes, speaks openly about her Faith, i.e. her reason for wanting to change.

    She must be stopped.

  3. Dear Social-Con/Evangelical leaders:

    Next time you want to hitch the traditional-marriage cause to someone, please pick more carefully.

    The argument that we should mold our marriage law's after the Bible's standards is seriously undermined when the cause gets hitched to someone who lives their own life with such disregard to the Bible's standards on sexuality.

  4. Question: If she made the tape as a teenager and it is published onnline - is that child pornography is she is under 18?

  5. The Moderate Voice is a conservative blog? Wow, you could have fooled me. It must go all conservative when not bashing Sarah Palin, which is most of the time, it seems...

    - JP

  6. The word is Carrie may be the only person on the tape but she is...giving herself a helping hand. The attorneys for the pagent showed it to her and her counsel. Carrie had the pleasure of watching this with her mom. The case settled for Carrie getting some costs paid.

    Carrie got very poor treatment from that scabby troll Perez Hilton. The pagent never ever should have had that pig Perez there. To his credit Donald Trump pointed out Prejean's views on gay marriage were no different than President Barack Obama's. But in the end if Ms. Prejean is going to sue the California Ms. America pagent, they are entitled to defend themselves. Hardball to be sure, but that is what happens. And can you really blame TMZ for being the bottom feeders that TMZ are?

    The lesson kids is never ever ever take nude photographs of yourself and especially sexual explicit video. Assume everyone will eventually see it including your parents, siblings, and everyone you know. If you are good with that--well then do as you wish.

  7. The Moderate Voice is a conservative blog?

    Good catch, Josh. Fixed.

  8. We have all done stupid things as teenagers. You can't judge an adult by what they did as a teen.

  9. I feel left out, I posed a Carrie Prejean Sex Video story a week ago but no linky love...and I live in Nevada

  10. We have all done stupid things as teenagers.

    But not all of us record video of the stupid things we did as teenagers. I'm eternally grateful that cheap consumer digital video did not exist during my adolescence.

  11. It's not the Left that is all excited over Carrie Prejean, it's the fauxgressive Obamacrats.

    True Lefties have principles.

  12. RSM, I share your gratitude that home video was not available during my delinquent years. In fact I'm not unhappy that some of the consequences of those years involve poor memory.

    As for the rest of this, it is not only not a big deal to anyone not named Prejean, I do feel bad for her and her family having to get this dragged out. I completely don't get the point of people like commenter kazoolist. Nobody has declared Carrie to be a leader of anything, there has been no effort to canonize her. We are simply offended that she has been viciously attacked in public for honestly answering a question. The blatant hypocrisy of those who advocate that anything goes sexually except for Carrie is offensive and ugly.

    Just as a matter of historical fact, kazoolist, marriage as we understand it predates the Bible and existed independently of it. Same for most of our rules about public sexual conduct. Sorry, two people of the same sex are not married. And that is not changed by any video.

  13. Ronsonic, a video doesn't change any of that, no. But it does show a severe lack of judgement on the part of all the people and organizations who made a hero out of Carrie just because she made a very poorly worded and half-hearted defense of marriage.

    She shouldn't have been treated the way she was by the left, but she shouldn't have been lionized by pro-family people the way she was, either.

    I recall hearing an interview with her on Focus on the Family and being really disgusted with them for failing to even try to find out how she thought posing topless squared with her Christian beliefs. And now this. So yeah, there's some egg on some faces. It doesn't change any substantial argument about marriage, which is why she really ought to have been ignored. There are actual arguments to be made, but everybody wanted to focus on her because she was a babe for traditional marriage! That was stupid, and now the right is paying for it.

  14. I've learned from the best, linked, creatively at the Left Coast Rebel.....

  15. This whole controversy is fake... as in made up from the very beginning...

  16. Carrie Prejean's biggest mistake was judging others....ooooops!

  17. hahaha spelling wars

    actually, its not about being a repub. or a democrat, but about a girl who loves too much publicity, attention, money and err.. let's say Vodka? Is it so difficult to avoid filming yourself while doing an intercourse? I guess, Prejean got all the answers.

    Carrie Prejean's latest hypocrisy (Nov 13, 2009): CARRIE PREJEAN SEX TAPE? CAN WE YAWN NOW?

    Take note, the tapes are now in the custody of TMZ and there's no way jose they will publicize it without them being touch by King Midas :D

  18. Carrie Prejean just want to get into the propaganda business trying to become a ‘conservative’ commentator following the steps of Ann Coulter driven ratings by being controversial; but with the sex tape out she will never be a Fox News star. Carrie should leak a new video of her affair with Sean Hannity she will make more money that way than with her book.

  19. Carrie is over 18 in the video(s), as there are reportedly 7 more. The point is, she is an arrogant, narcissitic, liar and hypocrit.