Thursday, November 12, 2009

NY23 recount: What it really means

A source with the Doug Hoffman campaign called this morning to tell me that the official ballot count in the NY23 special election had narrowed the margin.

Michelle Malkin asks, "Did Doug Hoffman concede too early?" Well, there are still about 10,000 absentee and military ballots that won't be added to the count until next week. While my source doesn't expect there to be enough votes to change the outcome, there is encouragement for Hoffman supporters in discovering that the official count shows a closer result than the unofficial 5,000-vote margin on Election Night.

Furthermore, my source points out, the fact that Democrat Bill Owens was sworn in -- and voted for ObamaCare -- before the official result was certified by New York election officials, demonstrates the fundamental lawlessness of Nancy Pelosi's regime in Washington.

And, yes, according to my source, Hoffman is currently "leaning toward" challenging Owens in 2010. The backstabbing RINO Dede Scozzafava won't be around to screw things up next November. In two words:



  1. Dede Scozzafava is too much even for RINOs, she is Scuzzy-Wuzz-She. She is her own special catagory of lying scummy badness.

    When you go outside and step in some nasty stuff on your lawn, that is not dog poop, that is Scuzzy-Wuzz-She.

    When your toenails turn brown and crinkly, that is Scuzzy-Wuzz-She.

    When there is some strange moldy object in your fridge that is so past gone with coruption that you cannot tell what it was originally anymore--that is Scuzzy-Wuzz-She.

  2. Dede Scozzafava is too much even for RINOs, she is Scuzzy-Wuzz-She. She is her own special catagory of lying scummy badness.

    Take a pill. She's a New York pol habituated to the standards and practices of the inbred local political class. Political life in this state being what it is, she may or may not have faced a competitive race before in twenty years in elective office. The people who nominated her did not expect her to face the challenges she did, or anything other than pro-forma challenges, likely.

    N.B. Owens is a working lawyer; the only office he has held was an appointment to the board of trustees of one of the state schools in the North Country. Hoffmann is an accountant and business consultant who has made an excellent living in an economically somnambulent area. Both of these candidates were outliers.

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  4. Ed Cox must fall like Mondello fell for losing Tedesco. It is time to make Mike Long the GOP State chair!