Saturday, November 14, 2009

Florida Manatee Joins Right-wing Alliance...

by Smitty

...and inadvertently knocks down economic stimulus project raised in praise of some Blathering Hack Orator on his first time out with the anti-gravity device.
Fortunately Stacy McCain was standing by with a camera to catch what will surely go down as one of the great unreported calamities in human history:

Tea Party in Florida:
Stacy's Florida campaign continues this blogs tradition of taking it on the road.
  • American Glob caught Stacy's poetry in Southward motion, and also the GOP Civil War.
  • Paco noted the Florida GOP rebellion.
  • Carolyn Tackett got to meed Stacy. I hope the lady can make CPAC.
  • WyBlog picks us up on the local Anti-Amnesty blog, for which I've a sign to make, STAT!
Fort Hood:
Will the Major join KSM in New York? Given the wackiness factor of everything this Administration does, I wish I could feel confident about saying 'No'.
Sarah and the Conservative Media:
There is room to complain about Sarah extending the laurel branch to the her foes, but I submit that, thus far, she's played an excellent hand. To flog Stacy with his own saying, "Just because you don't understand what Sarah's doing, doesn't mean Sarah doesn't understand what Sarah is doing."

Now, if you s/Sarah/Barack/g in the last sentence, you could lose your breakfast, so take care.Nancy Pelosi is One-Third of the Try-Dumb-Virate:
She really has to be the worst Speaker of the House ever.
  • Fischersville Mike agreed with the analysis that the Speaker of the House is evil for scheduling the healthcare debate during football.
Further NY-23 bits:
It doesn't sound like the absentee ballot is going to favor Hoffman, but, given the overall predictability of 2009, who knows?
Carrie, Lozenges, Gorgonzola, Fritters:
She seems the modern, female, attractive version of Lot. She's been chillin' in Sodom and Gomorrah, with predictable results. Does she have the actual, no-kidding Christianity required to grow as a person, develop some character? Can she step into the role of serious Christian she crafted for herself, and then punted? In three words, "repent, repent, repent".

Whereas the the Germans say Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt es sich ganz ungeniert, or "Once your reputation is ruined, you can live shamelessly".
  • Rightofcourse linked us discussing the sex tape, and shouted out to the Marine Corps.
  • American Power picked up E.D. Kain's interview with Charles Johnson. This blog thanks Donald Douglas for his daredevil efforts.
  • House of Eratosthenes, ever the source of wry enumerations, has a list of possible peace overtures:
    5. The DailyKOS folks could invite Karl Rove over for Thanksgiving dinner (brave, brave Karl).
    6. Charles Johnson could invite Robert Stacy McCain over for Thanksgiving dinner.
    7. The NAACP could invite Clarence Thomas over for Thanksgiving dinner.
    Oh, that zany Morgan.
Other FMJRA outings:Miscellaneous Shouts:
  • American Glob took a nice victory lap for his Allah Pundit linkage.
  • Rightofcourse mentions us in a phobia roundup.
  • Political Byline linked Stacy's Washington Times post, and the Obey 'So What' moment.
  • Makes My Brain Itch linked us discussing the overall decay of society.
  • SI VIS PACEM linked us in "GOING ROUGE! Saving the Right from Conservatism"
  • Fischersville Mike commented on the hammering of Ezra Klein over his Stupak comments.
  • No Sheeples Here thanks us in conjunction with the Weblog awards. As they have no category for Really Bad Farce, I don't see me as having a dog in the fight.
  • Dustbury, like so many of us, is saying "give atavistic xenophobia a chance". OK, I'm not saying that, though clearly I pasted it into a post.
  • Carol's Closet links Stacy's echo of Ace, and opines: "I would say the term feminist is synonymous with "dour, sour, humorless, bitch." One supposes that we'll be having an "offend a feminist" week starting, oh, now.
  • Obi's Sister ends us off with a philosophical post on how baked everything seems, linking the Obey clip.
That's your FMJRA. I'm not going to put lipstick on the pig: I wish we had a more substantial outing to celebrate hitting 3 Megahits. I'll take full responsibility: I've been surfing the Google Reader at unsafe speeds while recovering from the jet lag last week, and haven't finished the research on the GData approach. It takes time and release from ADD to work on that. So bomb me at Smitty, in the SMTP sort of way, and let's see if we can improve this.


  1. Is Stacy becoming the Jack Kerouac of the conservative blogosphere.

    Meanwhile, Sullivan is now claiming anyone calling for vengance against Nidal Hasan is just a fascist who does not respect the rule of law. Okay. Call me fascist then!

  2. Now that manatee obviously has a flatulence problem. Has anyone notified Al Gore?

  3. More cool BHO acronyms
    Obama's charm and speaking ability have Been Heavily Overrated
    Obama's reaction to the Ft. Hood attack Began Hastily and Offensively
    Obama is quickly becoming a Bush Hating Oppressor
    this is fun

  4. almost forgot...while apoligizing for America, Obama Bows Hastily Overseas

  5. Smitty, you speak UNIX (vi, sed, etc): "s/Sarah/Barack/g"! Cool.