Friday, November 13, 2009

Does no one see the economic stimulus?

by Smitty (h/t Insty)

Here is an embattled POTUS trying to scare up a few, say, 2,000 jobs for New York, but Just One Minute is all up in arms about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the NY trial. Oh, come on: as some nitwit was saying on the local news, we really can't trust the reliability of the military courts. And think of the 20,000 jobs that will be created or saved.

Never mind the non-command of the Laws of War on display, much less the non-grasp of the duties as Commander in Chief of the armed forces. We're talking about creating, saving, or upgrading ~200,000 jobs here.

This trial promises to be a steady stream of distraction from all of the other issues that the Administration would prefer go unnoticed, and may even directly lead to a US economic Renaissance of Industrial Revolution proportions, only with a little more green spin.


It actually could be worse. BHO could try to punt KSM upstream to the Haig Hague or something.


  1. We should really get this Communist-style side show going and have them hit the road. A new terrorist trial in every town!

    Wow! Who needs employment when you've got an administration that doesn't understand the difference between war and peace time responsibilities. Yaaay!

  2. The Hague might be the most appropriate venue for trial. We could save the taxpayer money by shipping KSM and GWB over there in the same cage.

  3. Way to go, moron. Lets put one on trial for killing 3000 people and the other for trying to prevent it happening again.


  4. @Kn@ppster,
    Among the things that were true about pre-Obama foreign policy is that the US didn't recognize higher-authority courts.

    IOW, sending them to the Hague would be an even bigger sell-out than trying them in NY.

    Worse still would be the precedent set.

  5. Smitty,

    The Third Reich and Dai Nippon didn't recognize higher-authority courts, either. Their war criminals still hanged, though.

  6. @Kn@ppster,
    "The Third Reich and Dai Nippon didn't recognize higher-authority courts, either. Their war criminals still hanged, though."

    Seems a non-sequitur. I care not fig #1 about the Axis powers.

    Having the US punt sovereignty to the Hague, the UN, or any other bunch of jackasses seems both the end of the country and a possible goal of this administration.