Saturday, November 14, 2009

We defer to His Aceness

I linked Ace last night, but his analysis of feminism deserves its own shout-out:
I don't understand why the feminist ideal should be acting like a total douchebag about everything.
Every so often, some feminist writer will come out with an essay bemoaning the fact that, despite all that The Sisterhood claims to have done for womankind, most women don't identify themselves as feminists.

Why is this? I would suggest it's because any woman who has set foot on a college campus during the past 20 years automatically identifies "feminist" as a term synonymous with "maladjusted, overprivileged, angry, ugly Women's Studies major."

It's very similar to the reason most people have negative opinions of Christian conservatives, a category associated in the public mind with uptight, hypocritical, fearful, humorless closet cases. The Ted Haggard Syndrome, as it were.

As we have recently come to realize, Charles Johnson is the Ted Haggard of atheism. While all atheists are obnoxious at some level, at least Christopher Hitchens is the whiskey-swilling, cigarette-smoking, dirty-joking variety of obnoxious. Hitch is fun, in other words. What's the point of defying the Almighty, if all you're going to do with your godlessness is to ride bicycles and take boring photos?


  1. Simplest explanations:

    feminism is just another way of saying "I can't buy a f*cking date

    As an aside, you've got a severe javascript/Ajax bug somewheres that prevents copying and pasting in Firefox, otherwise I'd provide a link to that quote.

  2. It sounds like you're trying to say that all feminists, conservative Christians, and atheists are bad people. How do you feel about Unitarian misogynists?

  3. Ace's comments are bang on the nose when it comes to Althouse's comments about Palin. I couldn't believe "Hot Air" linked to that steaming pile of elephant excrement. Frankly, I have no idea why anyone in conservative cyberspace would pay attention to anything Althouse says after she cast her vote for Obama on an obvious emotional whim. (Please, if Ann Althouse simply takes a guy at his word because he happens to know how to say all the right things, she's operating on the level of a 14-year-old girl, not an adult law professor.) It appears she put about as much thought into reviewing Palin's book as she did vetting Obama, which is to say none at all.

  4. Ted Haggard's bisexuality and various transgressions make the term 'hypocritical' appropriate, though if he be an ordinary evangelical pastor, discussions of sodomy are an ancillary part of his ministry. How does he get branded as 'uptight, fearful, and humorless'. I think you find the gamut of temperaments in liturgical denominations and that old-line Calvinists tend toward severity, but I will seriously wager that evangelical pastors tend to be sanguine and extroverted, most particularly those who have built megachurches. Is there some indication Haggard is different?

  5. I don't understand why the feminist ideal should be acting like a total douchebag about everything.

    Prior to 1963, the exemplary feminist was Clare Boothe Luce, who had a history of transgression but was a class act all the way down. Mrs. Luce was repelled by the practice of abortion and resisted the grievance culture in American feminism, insisting that women had to understand and assume personal responsibility for what they do and what they fail to do.

  6. Hurray for the return of the non sequitor Rule 2 attack!

  7. Hitchens is fun. While he is often wrong, he is also smart on many things. I find reading him a joy even when I completely disagree.

    Charles Johnson is a prig. He writes with the style of a middle school student council member (I bet he likes Twighlight too). I was watching Shoot Em Up the other night and there was a scene where Clive Owens comments on how ridiculous a pony tail is on a middle aged man (and proceeds to shoot it off the guys head).

  8. A middle aged man with a pony tail also looks like an idiot.