Friday, November 13, 2009

Orlando Tea Party: LIBERTY!

The final stop of the Tea Party Express at Lake Eola Park was a whirlwind of wonderfulness. So many good people, so little time and a deadline for The American Spectator:
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Andrea Shea King stood backstage during Thursday night's Tea Party rally at Lake Eola Park here, where thousands turned out on a cool, overcast evening to raise their voices for liberty.
"You should have been here in March," said King, who spoke at one of the earliest rallies in what has since become a nationwide phenomenon. "It was mobbed -- and the media barely paid attention."
The media are paying attention now. They have no choice. . . .
Read the whole thing. Photos? Videos? I got megabytes of that stuff. But I'm tired now.

A few hours ago, Mike Harris and his amazingly translucent wife Rachel left the posh Hilton HQ of the National Desk. Watching a journalist trying to hit his deadline is probably not everybody's idea of entertainment, but the Harrises seemed reasonably amused. Just a sample of the photos:

Free Republic babe magnet Jim Robinson with Barbara Espinosa of American Freedom and Andrea Shea King of Radio Patriot.

Carol Tackett attracts yet another lovestruck admirer.

These two dudes married beautiful women. What's your excuse, buddy?