Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Four hours to Orlando!

We stopped off in Savannah, where we met up with Ali Akbar:

Note the Spanish moss in the tree. Earlier today, the boys and I had lunch at an Atlanta landmark:

Chili cheesesteak, rings, F.O. -- family tradition!


  1. you fell through the Atl and hit the Varsity huh!!? Excellent culinary selection! I prefer the two slaw-dog w/orion rings combo, and to wash it down with a Orange frostie.

    When in Orlando, we always spend on afternoon doing the Internaitonal Drive tourist thing: riding all the cheesy rides carnival-like riders, hitting the IHOP at the intersection of Sand Lake and International, going to Ripleys, Waterworks, etc.

    Have fun!!

  2. Didn't Ali get the memo that you're a white supremecist racist?


  3. You were a stone's throw from my 'hood! Next time wear the hat. Somehow, it makes the food taste better.