Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Brought to you from Heathrow in the wee hours with a drop of tea. One could proffer some weak excuse about traveling for not cleaning out the Rule 5 folder, but the dedicated readers of this blog deserve better than that. To work:
  • The Daily Gator shows us the dirty side of the Lingerie Football League. This matchmaking scheme seems far-fetched. Then again, I have a strictly-no-matchmaking policy, so this is all too much for me. But the topic of ladies with guns is always a winner, especially when supporting Project Valour-IT.
  • Honesty in Motion has taken great pains on researching the Raiderettes. This blog encourages you to stop by and support these vital research interests.
  • Yankee Phil celebrates Karolina Kurkova.
  • Andrew Ian Dodge earns both today's WTF? and Is That Safe? awards. Content Warning: safe for work, but mildly disturbing if your name isn't Mick Jagger. In archery news, he has some cheesecake that would be wildly unsafe if done in real life.
  • Smash Mouth Politics delves into the history of Rule 5, with impressive results.
  • American Power covered the Carrie Prejean scene, but not by much. Allow me to register mild disappointment. She seems to be moving towards the "typical" column.
  • Troglopundit has taken his Megan Fox fixation to simply shocking degrees of spreadsheet decadence. Trog also rounded up Carrie Prejean coverage. He also comes through with the Danica Patrick update. And he finishes of, as one sometimes must, with a catfight.
  • For the ladies, Blackfive has an "Aircraft Bringer-inner Dude", whose absurdity mitigates the "Why am I watching this, again?" factor.
  • For Star Wars fans, a double dose of Leia.
  • Dustbury is again caught reveling in obscurity, which I can appreciate.
  • In music news, Fischersville Mike tries to downplay his interest in the new Carrie Underwood release. Let him know he ain't foolin' no one.
  • Morgan Freeberg seems to be stuck on Marisa Miller over Nadine Velasquez in this installment of the Alphabetical Face Off.
  • Rightofcourse has a report from Oregon cheerleaders who are working on a new anti-gravity shampoo.
  • The Eye of Polyphemus, while a singular orb, does know its Rule 5. Jeffords brings you Blake Lively, who lives up to her surname indeed.
  • Yankee Phil says that Mariah Carey will be in Madison Square Garden on New Years.
  • The Classic Liberal mingles a the classic economics lesson on the broken window with Keeley Hazell, to excellent effect.
  • WyBlog updates us on the strange situation between Sandra Bullock and her husband's ex-wife.
  • Nation of Cowards highlights Morena Baccarin, in the new V, who was also in Firefly.
  • Three Beers Later brings the workout clip, the Chris Dodd Appreciation golf clip (what did Senator Dodd ever do to you, besides help wreck your country's economy, huh?). Then there is the Monty Python Dirty Vicar sketch, with subtitles for those colonial ears that can't hack the accent. Going that extra Rule 5 mile, he subs for Paco Enterprises with a Red Hot Riding Hood cartoon.
  • New grunt on the block Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid makes some claim about not being a Jessica Alba fan, merely liking the way she looks. This argument is usually phrased "I'm not addicted to cocaine, I just like the way it smells."
  • KURU Lounge plays some whiny 'busy week' card, nattering on about midterms and papers and such, but then delivers the Anna Semenovitch goods, and all is forgiven.
  • Bob Belvedere brings us Linda Darnell, Adrienne Barbeau, and rounds out the trilogy with 10 lovelies from I-dunno-where. Possibly he can elaborate in the comments.
  • Obi's Sister was the only one to submit Sgt. Kimberly Munley for Rule 5 Sunday. Would that there was not so much tragedy and scar tissue involved in the notoriety. I'll take off my court jester hat for a moment of silence for the fallen, Heaven rest them.
  • The Indentured Servant Girl rounds us out with a selection of naughty nurse pinups.
This Rule 5 Sunday has been brought to you by three cups of Twinings finest. Tea--because you wouldn't want me posting on three pints of bitter, now would you? Please send more cheesecake and good cheer to Smitty.

Update: Donald Douglas finds a Rule 5 health care angle.


  1. Maybe someone should introduce Meeeghan to the Dirty Vicar? BTW, is Allahpundit C of E?

  2. I'm surprised that you did not recognize the ladies as The Golddiggers, the official Dancing Troupe Of The Camp Of The Saints.

    PS: 'Three pints of bitter', no, but three pints of larger can provide a great deal of creative inspiration.