Monday, November 9, 2009

VIDEO: David Obey called out: 'So what?'

Sean Duffy is a Republican district attorney who is challenging Rep. David Obey in Wisconsin's 7th District. Here's a clever attack ad from Duffy:

Obey's been in Congress for 40 years and, like most long-term incumbents, is accustomed to winning by landslides. I'm looking at Duffy's biography and thinking to myself, "In a year like 2010, this kid may be able to give Obey a run for his money."

UPDATE: A little more poking around and I discover that Duffy has (a) set a fundraising record for his district, and (b) appeared on Hot Air's "The Ed Morrissey Show." Beating David Obey is a tall order, but 2010 looks to be a good year for the GOP and this Duffy kid just might pull it off.

UPDATE II: Linked at StixBlog. Thanks!


  1. If I can believe what I found on-line, Sean Duffy was born 10/3/71, which makes him to be 38 years old. David Obey was born 10/3/38 (same month & day, now 71). He was elected 40 years ago, so he would have been 31 years old. Maybe it's time for a "new kid".

  2. That might be the best campaign ad I've ever seen.