Wednesday, November 11, 2009

by Smitty

Mac Beach has a great quote from a radio caller:
"It's a badge of honor to be called a teabagger by a scumbag."
I thought that our modern liberal overlords were superior to all that name-calling, but there you have it. Why can't Young 4 Eyes get them to be the morally superior people they claim to be?


  1. I don't know why the hateful liberals are so quick to use the insult "teabagger" - If anything, Obama and his Obots are on the metaphorical receiving end of the teabagging: So what does that make them?

  2. That is a great quote!

  3. Heh, that was on Rush. It was an (older) lady who had Rush in stitches. I believe a closer approximation of the actual quote is: "It's a badge of honor to be called a teabagger by that scumbag Clinton."

    Even funnier in context...

  4. I find it hilarious that someone like Bill Clinton who has probably actually teabagged someone in the past given his well know sexual proclivities, would choose to use that particular euphemism to describe a grass roots political movement that is opposed to his parties big government political agenda. In fact you could almost say that it is the Democrats who are attempting to teabag the taxpayers of the United States.