Friday, October 30, 2009

Well said, Dan Riehl

by Smitty

On the topic of altering the course of the NY-23 election:
it should only fuel our spirits and inspire us to further growth and activism as we move on toward 2010. This is our time. And we should aim to bring Obama's grand time in the White House with a rubber stamp of a Democrat Congress to an end after 2010.

That may be the one thing he has genuinely earned during his entire short national political career.
These mid-term elections, and the Tea Party Express, have everything to do with building the steam for the 2010 elections.

We can only expect things to worsen for the next year, economically, morally, politically. Every time you think we've surely bottomed out, something weirder happens. The Bush Administration, like the Cold War, seems an oasis of predictability in retrospect.

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  1. In these 'exciting', 'interesting' times Booring is the new Black. Go Doug!