Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girl, 15, gang-raped for two hours at California high school homecoming dance

California screaming:
A California high school student who police said was gang raped in a two-and-a-half-hour assault outside a homecoming dance remained hospitalized in stable condition Monday . . .
Nineteen-year-old Manuel Ortega, described as a former student at the school, was arrested soon after he fled the scene and will face charges of rape, robbery and kidnapping, police said.
A 15-year-old was later arrested and charged with one count of felony sexual assault. A third teenager was being interviewed, according to Lt. Mark Gagan of the police department in Richmond, California.
"Based on witness statements and suspect statements, and also physical evidence, we know that she was raped by at least four suspects committing multiple sex acts," Gagan said.
Investigators said as many as 15 people, all males, stood around watching the assault, but did not call police or help the victim, a 15-year-old student at Richmond High School in suburban San Francisco. . . .
Another argument for home-schooling, just in case there is any semi-intelligent parent (i.e., with the minimal IQ necessary to read a blog) who is still sending their children into the organized barbarism of America's dysfunctional government education system.


  1. Aren't you supposed to blame Bush and the No Child Left Behind policy for anything that goes ronngg in the schools?

  2. How sick that they would all stand their and just watch! Can't they do "the right thing"? Call for help or step in and help the poor girl yourself! Don't just stand their and watch!

  3. Anonymous,

    That's against the code. No snitching. No telling The Man. Just like they were taught by whatever semblance of parents they have.

  4. This is California, gang"bangs" are not uncommon for older women though not mainstream. Wasn't there not long ago a girl who got it in a high school bathroom at this age from a number of male students, cried rape and then was shown on video enjoying herself and being a participant?

    Some of those standing around may not have understood it was an assault. Just a thought, we don't know enough details to condemn them simply for observing. Especially if the girl gave up before they arrived.

    I don't know. But I am not condoning the rapists! Just sayin.... I feel very bad for this girl and her family if the charges are true and I would hope to see those that did this castrated and tagged.

  5. The article noted that some of the observers became participants. Just.What.The.Hell, people?

  6. I have to agree w/ JustRuss: we don't have enough information to know what happened and, given the unfortunate level of false cries of rape in the US today (where the woman crying false rape walks with little more than a slap on the wrist in 90%+ of cases), I am not going to call for these boys' heads until all of the evidence is out there. (The fact that 15 people were there tends to make me more wary of jumping on the 'lynch 'em and ask questions later' bandwagon than if it were just 2-3.)

    That said, if they are guilty, by all means castrate them then throw them to the wolves in GenPop but let's not sharpen our scissors until all the facts (and, no doubt, cell phone video because it just isn't a gang rape these days w/o some mutant taping it) air out.

  7. yea good point JustRuss i guess women now days love to be beat close to death while having sex.

    dont be so foolish

  8. Shovel ready, crime reducing jobs + Stimulus $$$ = New Prisons

    If they're gonna spend the money anyway, clean up America; don't make bankers richer!

  9. I think it's raaaaacist that they published the perp's name.

  10. They were afraid to "come out of the shadows".

  11. what is racist about publishing the name of the perps name, he'll get what he deserves in prison. Same thing will happen to him hope he likes it. Sorry servant girl if you wanna keep him protected!!!

  12. This whole thing stinks. I'm very suspicious of the situation. Here she is, a 15 year old whom news reports say was drunk and all of a sudden she's in an alley with a bunch of guys?
    Sounds like they got caught and the cops are the ones making the rape allegation.
    The girl will go along with it, so she won't get into trouble.
    I'll bet anybody that if you check this girl's background, you'll find some pretty loose behavior.

  13. Shaun Bahr-Warner.Sat Nov 07, 12:02:00 AM

    This is disgusting-I have no clue where people like this get these ideas to do these kind of stuff, and it just sets a bigger stereo type for Males too. I do wish that they released status of the victim past "'shes physically in stable condition.'" I'm very concerned to hear whether or not the victim is pregnant.

  14. can someone please explain to me why a girl gets brutally raped and the whole story turns into something about racism. A bunch of gang banging fucks decided to gang rape a girl and all of you want to blame her. An eye witness said that they were kicking her in the head during the whole thing, so explain to me how she could just be over exaggerating. The fact that you are even talking about this pisses me off. its not at all racist if a bunch of black assholes rape a girl. its a crime and they all deserve to burn in hell. I am not racist and i hope they all die.