Thursday, October 29, 2009

NY23: Worry-warts are worried, and the hand-wringers are wringing their hands

As I noted last night, Allahpundit is having one of his periodic Eeyore episodes, taking counsel of his fears, letting the MSM implant liberal spin in his mind, filled with dark forebodings as the Doug Hoffman campaign stands poised on the brink of a "miracle" victory.


Neurasthenia isn't a problem limited to the blogosphere, however. Some New York Republicans are also listening to their inner Eeyores -- and sending fretful e-mails to Dan Riehl.

There's a lesson here for young people: Those who dare, do. If you pay too much attention to whiners, you'll never accomplish anything great in life. Sensible caution is one thing, but those who are too cautious succumb to the paralysis of fear. Victory is impossible without risk.

Fear is contagious, but confidence is, too. Therefore, if you set out to do something, do it boldly and ignore the worry-warts. Your courageous example will inspire others, and your victories will silence the naysayers.

Newt Gingrich listened to the whiners, as Michael Patrick Leahy explains today at TCOT Report. (Hat-tip: Dan Riehl.) The result? Newt's toast for 2012.

Doug Hoffman didn't listen to the whiners, and now he's striking fear in the hearts of

Be like Doug, kids. He may look like a nerdy accountant, but he's a guy who started out pumping gas at age 14 and ended up as a millionaire -- and now may be just five days away from being elected to Congress.


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  1. A little to the South and East, Obama is fretting about Corozine and the New Jersey Governor's race (funny how Obama only dithers on Iraq and Afghanistan but acts rather decisively when the enemy are New Jersey Republicans or Fox News). They feel the tide starting to ebb.

  2. In New Jersey you cannot pump your own gas. Oregon too.

    Now that is nannystatism.

  3. Somewhere along the line, one Hoffman critic noted that (horror of horrors) Hoffman does not have Gummint experience!!!!

    Which now is regarded as a bar to being elected!!

  4. I just nipped over to Dan's and read the e-mail from the Mayor of West Carthage, NY. It's interesting and revealing on many levels. One thing that stood out, besides the mayor's positive view of outside money from another level of government flowing into his town, is his report that Doug Hoffman expressed his support for Dede Scozzofava after she secured the "nomination", and that the expression of this support came in an e-mail.

    It would be interesting to see the e-mail. I have a feeling that the mayor may have mistook graciousness and congratulations to Dede as a sign that Hoffman would support her campaign. However, a release of the wording of the e-mail should be the arbiter in this matter.

    Another interesting point is the mayor's use of "in my opinion and many others (sic)". There is nothing like making your opinion look like the reasonable (and majority) position. All you have to do is quote "many others". You don't even have to name them.

    No, Doug Hoffman was probably not the best speaker among the candidates the GOP considered. He's an accountant, for heaven's sake. (He reminds me of my accountant: a good, smart, honest guy, but definitely not the fellow you'd run to when you need an after-dinner speaker.) And goodness knows Hoffman probably finds himself to the right of most New York Republicans, including the good mayor of West Carthage.

    But he's the best of the three in this race. And a Hoffman win, as you've pointed out, Stacy, would rattle the status quo parties to the core.

    The mayor's e-mail, on the other hand, seems substantially to confirm the complaints conservatives have about how the GOP rolls these days, and about how things work in government.

  5. I sure hope you guys are sending money to at least Hoffman to get a win there - a lot is riding on it.

  6. A conservative vote is not a wasted vote. Putting liberal republicans in congress does not help keep this country strong, it only slows down the approach to the cliff. Eventually progressive thinking WIlL throw us over the edge and the US as we know it will be dead.

    Of course, that is what Obama wants. He said so multiple times. "Fundamentally change America"

  7. This morning drove to the Plattsburgh campaign office on U.S. Avenue and made a donation.

  8. Imus lets the critics of Fox News, Have It - including his long time friend Maureen Dowd.

  9. If Hoffman wins, Palin will be the next president.

  10. Conservatives are sometimes our own worst enemies. We need to stay united for the best candidate, who is a Conservative Republican, we need to stop bitching.

  11. Scozzafava is fading like a racehorse with a broken leg.

    She is not even in the race at this point.

    It will be interesting to see Michael Steele and the GOP establishment shucking and jiving after this race as their party races toward irrelavance.

    Now, if we can only persuade Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run against John McCain for US Senate next year.


  12. Commentators like Allah remind me sometimes of the character Moriarty in that classic Clint Eastwood film Kelly's Heroes. "Always with them negative waves".


    (ffff, beaten)

  14. I saw at the Nashville Post today that John Rich is coming up there on Monday. Sounds fun.

  15. I remember hearing Rush Limbaugh telling a caller (and I'm paraphrasing here) that there will always be people who failed in their own dreams who will tell you that you can't do something. The key is to not listen to them.- Nancy