Thursday, October 29, 2009

NY23: Live from Watertown, N.Y.

Actually, there's not much happening here. I'm poaching the lobby computer at the Best Western Carriage House Inn where I am not a guest. But Gina the night clerk doesn't know that. She just brought me a fresh cup of coffee. (Shame? We don't need no stinkin' shame!)

That big poll news? Just got off the phone with Pat Austin, who's blogging NY23:
Allahpundit notes the poll with the reminder that this isn't actually a Daily Kos poll - they just paid for it. The pollster, Research 2000 is reliable. In addition, he says "Remember too that the campaigns have been whispering for the past week that internal polls show a two-man race now with Scozzafava fading. Consider this confirmation."
Oh, ye of little faith! We're linked at American Power and, meanwhile, Jimmie's got the complete NY23 roundup at NTC News.

More news at Memeorandum. I'd love to stay and blog more, but Gina (an undecided voter who supported Hillary in the '08 primaries) might start getting suspicious and my buddy Ali and the Campaign Trail crew expect me in Lake Placid before dawn.


  1. Hey Mr Mccain
    i am new in your blog.trying to cache-up.Lots to read.

    Good day.

  2. Dude. How did the Triple Debate go?

  3. *sigh* Once upon a time gozo journalists drove wildly across deserts in a drug-fogged haze, menacing unsuspecting hitchikers with short-barrel magnums before getting their asses kicked by Hell's Angels. There were giants in the earth in those days.

    Today they poach bandwidth in hotel lobbies. Truly, we live in diminished times.

  4. Why do you waste precious minutes of your life reading ANYTHING written by Allahpundit?? Give up the habit, go cold turkey! And don't forget to thank me later.