Saturday, October 31, 2009

NY23: Dave Weigel is almost right

On how we broke the scoop today:
"We're a little shell-shocked," said Eric Odom, a conservative blogger and Tea Party organizer, who'd been an early Hoffman backer. "It's not what we expected."
Odom was one of the first to hear the news. The Hoffman campaign made the call to Ali Akbar, one of the conservative bloggers rooming in Lake Placid with Odom. The bloggers hustled to get Internet connections to spread the news, then regrouped to head to Scozzafava's Watertown headquarters, based on rumors that the GOP candidate might be about to endorse Hoffman.
OK, while Eric was on the phone with his source, I got a call from my source, officially confirming Dede's withdrawal. While Eric and Steve Foley went west to Watertown, Ali Akbar took the 100 mph thrill-ride with me on State Route 86 to Plattsburgh.

Ali changed his plans, and will now be hanging in through Wednesday. Weigel is flying into NY23 on Sunday, and will hook up with our posse. Because we rock.