Friday, October 30, 2009

NY23: Live from Plattsbugh!

Now poaching WiFi (and drinking free coffee) in the lobby of a hotel to be named later. The big news out of last night's WSYR-TV debate? Doug didn't lose.

With the kind of momentum his campaign has -- cf., the 18-point swing vs. Scozzafava in the DKos/Research 2000 poll -- the key for Hoffman in the debate could be summed up in three words: "Don't screw up." And he didn't.

I see that Jimmie blogged the Pataki endorsement for Hoffman (also at NTCNews.) As Michelle Malkin would say, the "snort-worthy" news of the day is that Markos Moulitsas has unendorsed RINO Dede Scozzafava.

Reports that the NRCC is pulling its resources out of the Scozzafava campaign have been variously confirmed and denied, depending on who you ask. But let's face it, Dede is obviously . . .

Put it this way: Today at breakfast in Lake Placid, I asked the waitress for eggs and corned beef hash with a side order of Dede, and the waitress asked, "White Dede or whole wheat Dede?"

Whole wheat, please. At my age, I need the fiber.

How big has the Hoffman campaign gotten? Today at Duke's Diner here in Plattsburgh, Ali from 73Wire was having lunch with the correspondent for the Times of London. That's London, England.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing a report for The American Spectator.

Update (Smitty): Daily Pundit says "Drop out, Dede, drop out!"

And she can tell Newt to scoot, to boot.



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  1. Love it! UK reporting has bested MOST of the US reporting!

  2. Over at Daily Pundit, I'm calling for Dede to drop out of the race today.

    Y'all are welcome to join in.