Saturday, October 31, 2009

NY23: Some reaction on the left

by Smitty

Legal Insurrection surveys five prominent blogs on the left, concluding:
Hoffman has not won the election yet. Expect a full-out media blitz by the Democrats in the last three days of the campaign to portray Hoffman as the reincarnation of Timothy McVeigh.

It's a meme the George Soros crowd is dusting off as we speak.
I'm sure that Joe Biden will be hammering that one thumb and nail, mostly thumb.

Andrew Sullivan was apparently frightened by some scary Halloween costumes or something:
No one knows what might happen now.
Well, Andrew, it's pretty much down to Owens and Hoffman now, isn't it? It might happen that one of the two candidates wins the election. Unless I'm missing something.
For the insurgents, it means a scalp they will surely use to purge the GOP of any further dissidence [Dissidents? Dissonance? I thought Brits were by definition educationally superior to mere colonials.]. But the insurgents were also backed by the establishment, including Tim Pawlenty, who's supposed to be the reasonable center.

What we're seeing, I suspect, is an almost classic example of a political party becoming more ideological after its defeat at the polls.
Awakening from a Progressive slumber, one can hope.
[I]n order for that ideology to win, they will also have to portray the Obama administration as so far to the left that voters have no choice but to back the Poujadists[1] waiting in the wings. And that, of course, is what they're doing. There is a method to the Ailes-Drudge-Cheney-Rove denialism. They create reality, remember?
Remember what, exactly, Andrew? One could find more coherence in a random page from Molloy than this Sullivan post. I hasten to add I'm no regular reader; this may be lucid for him.

At any rate, I'd like to walk back the previous "Boot Newt" recommendation to a "Reconstitute Newt". The full-diaper Left expects big war dances from the Right. Dede, you've done the proper thing, and deserve commendation. Let the conservatives continue to argue positively for the financially sane, Constitutionally sound, strategically sustainable policies, and disagree like adults where necessary. We can watch Sullivan descend further into Beckett-ism, albeit possibly without the underlying sanity to hold it all together.

[1] What some obscure Frenchman has to do with Doug Hoffman is unclear. Perhaps Andrew intends a series.


  1. I'm with ya, but devil's avacado, dissidence is what dissidents participate in. Doesn't change the fact that he's an idiot, though.

  2. @GS,
    Fair enough, and bad on me for not checking. If it was Buckley, I would have assumed I was being sent packing to the dictionary.

    Amidst the tone and the typo and all, I blew it.

  3. Newt brings nothing to the table anymore except obfuscation of the core issues of this coming election. He is as much a reason we're in this mess as anything Bush did. We don't need him and we shouldn't trust him.

  4. Dissidence CAN be dissonant, especially if you have too many people trying to lead the chants...

  5. You know, if we could just get Andrew Sullivan together with Charles Johnson, their autofellatio issues would be solved.

  6. As a congenital sans-culottes himself, Sullivan is perfectly au fait avec les poujadismistes...
    Of course, depending on his wardrobe and demeanor, he probably couldn't pass for a Merveilleuse but certainly an Incroyable, although in all cases his personal practices would certainly render him vraiment un parfait et complet element antirevolutionaire...

  7. Leftypigs like Sullivan are incapable of learning that, when they get up on their trotters and squeal, "You must choose! It's them or us!", people always, always choose "them".

  8. I see no point in ridiculing Sullivan or CJ any longer. What can be said which hasn't been, already?

    Instead, we should show some compassion for their obviously deteriorating mental and emotional conditions, urge them to seek the help they need, and pray for them.

  9. Let's start a contest, Estragon. How many languages can the readers of this blog insult that svoloch Andrew Sullivan in?

  10. I like the fact that the League of the South wing is so far outside the mainstream, they consider Sullivan a liberal. Please keep the purges coming. Your 20% can't win an state-wide election outside of Alabama

  11. @timb,
    Name any conservative worthy of the label who considers Andrew Sullivan a conservative.

    A single one will do.

  12. Hey Smitty: don't expect so much out if timb. Trolls, by their very nature, have underdeveloped brains, you know--something to do with living in their mother's basments says the latest research.