Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NY23 EXCLUSIVE: Hoffman to 'hit the road' in district, will NOT attend Conservative Party dinner in Syracuse

Last night I reported that the Doug Hoffman campaign was uncertain whether the candidate would attend tonight's Conservative Party dinner in Syracuse, where Mike Huckabee will be the featured speaker.

Now my source confirms that Hoffman will not attend the Syracuse dinner.

"Doug's hitting the road" to campaign in upstate New York's 23rd District tonight, the source said.

Huckabee's praise for Hoffman last week on the Neil Cavuto show was as good as an official endorsement, the source said and, with polls showing the Conservative candidate with momentum in the three-way race, it's more important for the candidate to do as much on-the-ground campaigning with the Nov. 3 election now just a week away.

An official statement should be out soon.

UPDATE: Doug Hoffman campaign official statement:
"This is a 10 month campaign compressed into 4 weeks. Our schedule changes numerous times every day. The Conservative Party is behind us 110% and Gov. Huckabee all but endorsed us last week on FOX TV. In the last week of the campaign we are focusing on winning over as many voters as possible. So we will be on the road doing just that."
Meanwhile, we have an update from conservative bloggers in NY23: "Ali and Eric's Excellent Adventure."


  1. I was told by a Hoffman Campaign spokeman "Doug will be there!" referring to the dinner tonight with Huckabee.

  2. The same source just informed me that there was a "schedule change" and Hoffman will not be there. This is a change from less than two hours ago. Interesting...

  3. Time is of the essence, however, I was able to talk to Hoffman for 8 minutes. So his schedule changes all of the time, sometimes he might get stuck talking to me!

    (Click link in title).

    God Bless him for dealing with me. Mr.McCain, could you start a Mr.K fund to going up to the 23rd as well, I'm only 30 miles away....