Monday, October 26, 2009

Project Valour IT

by Smitty

Project Valour IT is sponsored by Soldiers Angels and is a very worthy cause. Little Miss Attila and Cassandra are pitching it rather heavily for the Marines.

Let's not kid ourselves: the country's chief engagements at the moment are quite land-intensive. However, I knew personally at least one Navy casualty, whose father was the Commanding Officer of USS MyFirst. God rest your souls, my classmates.

Remember the military in your thoughts and prayers, and let the Department of the Navy always lead the way.

Update: Another squid sited.


  1. I knew Erik, too, before he went SEALs. We were on the Chandler together, back in the day.

    Small Navy.

  2. Small Navy.

    Yeah, but I wouldn't want to paint it, to paraphrase Steven Wright.

  3. Ah... such a lovely post... :) I don't mind of the Dept. of the Navy prevails... so long as the Marines are in first place!

  4. That's what Deck Seamen are for....