Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NY23: Report from Ali A. Akbar

Yes, that's his real name, says the grassroots conservative who was at the First National Beef & Brew Pub next to the Doug Hoffman campaign office on Court Street in Watertown, N.Y., when I reached him by phone just now.

Ali is traveling with Eric Odom, who reports that they're "Live From NY23."

According to Ali, he and Eric "just got kicked out of Dede's office" in Watertown, which he reports is "filled with NRCC and NRC staffers."

Ali says he and I actually met at CPAC, but he was too drunk to talk and I was too busy to bother oppressing him. (Maybe next time.) Ali and Eric are staying in Lake Placid through Saturday and say they might be able to provide sleeping-bag space for other volunteers answering the call for "boots on the ground."

Watch for their coverage at 73Wire.com's Campaign Trail.

UPDATE 5 p.m.: At AmSpecBlog, I just linked Eric Odom's report about Scozzafava HQ:
Not only is the NRCC pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the media campaign of Dede Scozzafava, they're also organizing and coordinating teams of GOTV volunteers in the district. And they're picking up the tab.
Our team just finished meeting with a NRCC volunteer named "James" who works out of the Watertown office for the Scozzafava campaign. James informed us that he was sent to Watertown, NY from Washington D.C. as a volunteer for the NRCC. We asked about expenses, and he said the NRCC was paying for everything. . . .
Read the whole thing. Your GOP contributions supporting an ACORN-backed Big Labor RINO?



  1. Not one red cent, indeed!

    Verse 3:


  2. Yep, I met Ali at CPAC as well. But in the daylight, before the bar opened.

    "It's five o'clock somewhere..."

  3. Clearly, what needs to happen is for pairs of people to volunteer for the effort, get taken there at GOP expense, and then campaign for Hoffman. The GOTV effort will send you to the people you want to talk to, after all.


  4. Ali A. Is Great, Ali A. Is Good.

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