Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not really, Dan

by Smitty

Dan Riehl, in response to a Tim Pawlenty quote on Hot Air:
If the post-World War II period was dedicated to fighting Communism, aren't we now even more fully engaged in fighting socialism, Euro or not, here in the United States?
Socialism is merely the symptom and sales pitch. The Jacksonian Party lays out the disease: aristocracy. This is built on three pillars:
  1. 02Feb1913 Amendment 16, the Federal Government has eminent domain over your wallet.
  2. 08May1913 Amendment 17, your State has no voice
  3. 23Dec1913 The Cosmic Credit Card (which should be cut up)
As a bonus, you can blame McCulloch v. Maryland, where the "Necessary and Proper Clause" was sort of used to shoot the 10th Amendment in the face.

We can all sit around and decry Socialism on theoretical grounds. However, arguing about Socialism seems a bit like quibbling over whether to be in the left of right lane on I-10 as we go tearassin' West on I-10:

The mere presence of Foolish, Dumb-ass Requirements for federal entitlements, which even Ronald Reagan lacked the clout to reform (and I don't think anyone's accusing the Gipper of being Socialist) renders all of these discussions moot. It's not about whether the American experiment goes flying off the left coast into the Pacific. Rather, the question is when.

It may be that "we can't handle the truth." You've got clowns like Gingrich collecting their 30 pieces of silver for the soul of Conservativism. There are some really good signs right of the political middle. The internet has improved communication. Beck, Breitbart, bloggers.

But Socialism remains a bugaboo. You're already neck deep in it. Forget about controlling the flood. Let's talk about the agony involved in draining the swamp. Draining the swamp means restoring Federalism, load-shedding the three bullet points mentioned earlier, and fighting the economic war that dwarfs the global war on terror for seriousness. Large debt for a long time is sin. Call it such and let us repent.
Repentance means offering strong support to leaders who make decisions that are
  • in keeping with the spirit and letter of the Constitution
  • have the appeal of a bad hangover on an alcoholic
Because that is exactly what I'm talking here: cold turkey. We all know we need it, and we all know it will suck.

Sure, if you want to call that "fighting Socialism", go ahead. I call it "facing reality".


  1. Hmmm. I think you may be onto something with the aristocracy line.

  2. ABSOTIVELY! Some "republicans" just don't get it, do they?

    Like you said, we are NECK DEEP into the socialistic tick and we MUST drain the swamp.

    The GOP is dead and there is no reviving it. Try as you might, taking the soil off of the GOP is a moot point. The GOP is dead.

  3. Amen! It's time for us to start explaining what this country really is, before it's lost on the "we're all equal, except for our rulers" nonesense of the rest of the world.

    Be it news, principles, education, or entertainment, stand up and fight! Don't just send in money to politicians promising to really "talk it out." Send money to the tip jar!