Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Prepping Rule 5 Sunday rather early this time, as I have a flight to catch this evening. Nevertheless, the faithful readers have provided copious input, for which Rule 5 Sunday is grateful.
  • Bob Belvedere starts us off with a crucial message from Betty Page. Nearly as important is a roundup of Star Trek Rule 5-age. Where is the green one?
  • Support Your Local Gunfighter has some hockey babes.
  • Honesty in Motion features Victoria Silvstedt.
  • The House of Eratosthenes followed up the Classic Liberal's Rachael Leigh Cook with some "Common Good" thoughts. Returning to his long-term Alphabet of Pulchritude project, he reaches for Kelly Brook and Leeann Tweeden. From where those bodyguards came is completely unknown.
  • The Daley Gator was the first in the queue with linky-love for the Girl in a T-Shirt special edition.
  • Yankee Phil is back with more Shakira. Sorry about last week, boss. He also payed homage to the great Katherine Hepburn.
  • HotMES has politics and dudes in mind, featuring an Aaron Schock/Jeff Flake comparison.
  • Instapundit reveals an interest in...pipe cleaners?
  • Troglopundit touts his .040 batting average for the most-searched women on the web. Go ahead and try being a Great Lakes amphibian and beating a .040 average. He celebrates. Then he switches to the "we just haven't settled on the price" discussion.
    Rule 5 Sunday is saddened by the rampant moral decay present in Trogland. Or maybe he's just preparing for Winter.
  • Fishersville Mike features Halloween costumed cheerleaders.
  • Smash Mouth Politics does a fine job of mingling beautiful ladies and beautiful cars.
  • Iowahawk achieves the same effect with more exotic cars and less famous women.
  • DC Handgun Info has a post that crosses the Potomac, where it found Christy Turlington. Every post should be so clever.
  • American Power reveals a cheeky fixation on Britney. He adds Camilla Belle to the mix.
  • McEnroe has a tongue-in cheek cartoon, and a Jean Arthur clip.
  • Boom Boom Boom weighs in with a potential threat to the Lingerie Football League.
  • Daley Gator has a game show clip for your attention.
  • Reboot Congress had a picture of Dana Loesch. Don't let the drop-dead gorgeous looks distract: she's an incredibly smart lady.
  • Dustbury plays the Tina Turner card. Excellent choice, sir.
  • Point of a Gun features a Liz Phair track. But has Liz ever stepped up to the plate and done a Metallica cover?
  • Paco Enterprises features Eleanor Powell, in his classic way.
  • Rightofcourse goes coast to coast with Florida and USC cheerleaders.
  • Robert Pearson's Chess Blog has some chess chicks and finishes us off. RPCB was featured on the FMJRA and the Rule 5 Sunday, because the posts fit and he admitted to enjoying Czar d'Oz, in a private email. So there.
Please send updates and complaints to Smitty. Stacy handles the praise and the contributions.

NOTE (RSM): Smitty is en route to Ye Merry Olde this week, but promises to keep blogging even if he does have to eat boring boiled food and drive on the left side of the road. Speaking of contributions, however . . .

I'm serious about the need to hire a blog intern to help maximize efficiency around here. This past week -- me out on the road in New York, phoning in reports via Jimmie Bise -- was a perfect example of how having just a little extra help can come in handy.

Among other things, a blog intern would help keep up with the e-mail, phone and Facebook messages, do online promotion, assist with research and do occasional blogging. The pay would be low and erratic, dependent upon tip-jar contributions and other revenue, but the experience would be quite variable.

My home office is about 70 miles north of Washington, D.C., and -- at least for the first week or two -- the intern would need to work here for direct supervision. Once things were running smoothly, however, the work could be done wherever.

When I had Myers the Blog Intern, people made "Kramerica" jokes about the "Seinfeld" episode where Kramer had his own personal intern. All joking aside, however, this would be a real educational opportunity for a young (or not-so-young) conservative who wants to develop blogging skills. So send me an e-mail if you're interested or know someone who might be.


  1. Liz Phair may not have covered Metallica but her cover of the Vapors always makes me smile.

  2. Thanks for the two links, Smitty, but you left out my Rule 5 Saturday posting of JAYNE MANSFIELD. Somewhere in Bombshell Heaven, Miss Mansfield is weeping.

  3. Nearly as important is a roundup of Star Trek Rule 5-age. Where is the green one?

    Two answers:
    1) There were two green ones--Susan Oliver and Yvonne Craig. I already featured Miss Craig in green in her own posting.

    2) There are more Star Trek Women to come, so keep checking-in over at TCOTS.