Thursday, October 29, 2009

NY23: Dede's progressive credentials;
Who's worried about Doug Hoffman?

Conservative TV ad depicting Dede Scozzafava as the liberal she really is? "Dirty tricks!" cries Politico.

Allahpundit links both my American Spectator report and the exclusive report from 73wire. Allah's worried but, then again, Allah's always worried. Steve Doocy? He's not worried:

Me? I'm not worried either. Why? See, there's a guy named Dan working on the Doug Hoffman campaign. Dan's from South Carolina. Compared to a South Carolina GOP primary, this situation in NY23 is s Sunday school picnic. Dan's working hard, but he's not worried. And if Dan's not worried, why worry?

You know who's really worried?
The Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party could get a big boost if a far right, third party candidate wins a three-way House race in upstate New York. Election Day is Tuesday. Can you contribute to help Democrat Bill Owens pull out a victory?
(Hat-tip to Eric Odom at 73wire.) "The Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party" -- I like that! Paul Begala's worried, too:
The tea party crowd hopes to use Palin's endorsement in the NY-23 special election to send one of their own to Congress on the very first anniversary of President Obama winning the White House. And we can't let that happen. The inmates have taken over the asylum, and are abandoning the Republican candidate in favor of the extreme conservative.
Dan Riehl acts like he's worried, but I don't think he really is. He's lovin' this "war raging in the GOP" stuff. He's linked by Erick Erickson. Life is good. This is a win-win situation.

Some other NY23 headlines: Mitt Romney punts, but we pretty much expected that, didn't we? Nothing to worry about. Don't worry. Just work.

UPDATE: OK, some people are buying the Scozzafava campaign's spin that Hoffman "ducked" the Plattsburgh debate Wednesday. In September, Hoffman challenged Dede to debate and she turned him down, instead arranging with her NPR friends to do this debate in Plattsburgh. (The NPR station's manager uses his blog to deny that he would be unfair to Hoffman -- and then attacks Hoffman.)

Hoffman's spokesman Rob Ryan told me the Plattsburgh NPR debate was "the perfect venue for Scozzafava and Owens to debate who's more liberal." And if Hoffman is "ducking" debates, how come he's appearing in a TV debate today in Syracuse?
Republican Dede Scozzafava, Democrat Bill Owens, and Conservative Party Candidate Doug Hoffman will all take part in a debate at the NewsChannel 9 studios Thursday night at 7pm on NewsChannel 9.
That's why I'm leaving this morning for Syracuse. It would help if some people would at least learn to make a phone call or two before jumping to the unwarranted conclusion that the liberal MSM spin is always true.

UPDATE II: Just watching that "Dede: The Best Choice for Progressives" ad at Ed Driscoll's blog, and I'm thinking: Genius!

It's a two-carom shot: Scozzafava is identified as the liberal she is, and in a positive way, so as to draw "progressive" votes away from the Democratic candidate, Owens.

Get it? The whole point of the ad is to confuse liberals (as if liberals weren't already confused). Politico is freaking out, but this is one of the most fiendishly clever ad campaigns in American political history -- using Scozzafava as the "spoiler" for the Democrat.

UPDATE III: Jonah Goldberg is not worried. Colorado Republicans are not worried.


  1. Stacy, Jonah Goldberg of NRO just endorsed Doug Hoffman, calling it "a no brainer."

    Read it here.

  2. I hope you are right Stacy about the debate. I guess I should take Allah's posts with a big grain of salt. If Scozzafava is going down, why throw her a life line with a debate. Okay, that makes sense.

  3. I only err when I don't trust the man on the ground. This Hoffman campaign is win win. Hell if Hoffman was not in it and it was a choice between the Dem and Scozzafava, I would pick the Dem. Not because I am a big fan, but because he is a better candidate than Dede. I agree this is a win win. If Hoffman wins awesome. If Scozzafava loses, good. If the Dem wins, well it it is still better than rolling over for Scozzafava.

  4. There's a whole lot of energy out there among the citizenry. They are mad and not necessarily only at Democrats. They are just mad in general about what is going on at the federal level. I have never seen it like this. It is like both sides are now playing off the "Rules for Radicals" or something. Republicans can either choose to wrap their arms around that energy in those people (who, by the way, are only demanding a mirrored representation of what their platform is "supposed" to be), or be trampled by it and somehow manage to lose this momentum and end up with an empty bag come 2010. This "protect the party from our own platform" crap has got to stop.

  5. Here's why Hoffman skipped the PBS debate:

    "73 wire has learned the most compelling argument for Hoffman to skip the debate is that Bill Owens wife, Jane Owens, is on the executive staff of PBS in Plattsburgh the very orginization that is moderating the debate SUNY. Jane Owens, Director of Outreach and Education Mountain Lake PBS/"

    - JP

  6. Joe said:

    "I guess I should take Allah's posts with a big grain of salt."

    You betcha.

  7. Regarding Mitt punting on this race: I am shocked! Shocked I tell you!

    Quoted from and Linked to at:

  8. The Cynic stated it perfectly...the Gop better wrap their arms around us or lose in 2010. No Obama lite!