Saturday, October 31, 2009

NY23 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Democrat for Bill Owens get-out-the-vote volunteer

Yesterday, I broke the story of the massive Democratic get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort in the crucial upstate New York congressional special election. Today, as Ali Akbar and I rolled into Plattsburgh, we encountered Sean Holmes, a young volunteer canvasser for Democrat Bill Owens:


  1. And according to the polls, that's working for a whole lot of people. Ya jes cain't fix stupid, as one of my favorite Republicans has mentioned.
    (I have to assume he's a Republican, as we're the only ones that support killing people that aren't babies).
    off I go

  2. If you make it back to Watertown, you might interview Eli Schultz and Jeff Graham. They can give you insight into the election. Eli might tell you about her conversation with Sarah Palin. Jeff might tell you about meeting Sarah in Auburn. Probably good video potential.

    (See Eli under Saturday on the right on Jeff's blog.)

  3. Damn, $7.65 a pack for Newports! Gotta love the ridiculous taxes in New York state. That and the silhoutted Obama on the door hanger was sort of scary.

  4. CaaaaaaamPaaaang?!?!? Whadda HillBilly! ;-P

    Sounds like my Dad talking.... Good Lord