Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finally Making Journey to Rugged Adirondacks

by Smitty

FMJRA tip of the title hat to backronym afficionado Fischersville Mike. This week picks up a khaki clad, sunglass-wearing Stacy on his triumphal return to NY-23.

Overall, it's encouraging to see that the dextrosphere is somehow facing Halloween and this Administration and managing to find the humor in a truly crappy political situation.

Is There Something Going on in New York?
  • Belvedere keeps up the parade of überlinkage. He follows Stacy here and here and here and also here. At that point, even Stacy had to fall down for some sleep.
  • Another Black Conservative linked Stacy while noting "More Nonsense From Newt" for Newt's Dede endorsement. Why do RINOs even mention State's rights when they're impotent (or frigid, as the case may be) about supporting Amendment X when it really matters?
  • Da Tech Guy opines that supporting Stacy, and the reporting value derived thereby, exceeds the value of an Apple computer. He also touts Windows 7. Emacs, I'll note, rides tall in either saddle. He notes that the Morning Joe led with NY-23 within the last week.
  • Daily Pundit agrees that "The GOP cannot remain as the party of Democrat-Lite and hope to survive." Boot Newt!
  • A Newly Conservative Lesbian links us, with some insightful points:
    However, in 2009, for the first time ever, the grassroots have tools they can use to find other like-minded people, communicate, develop a consensus, create a plan of action and implement it easily and cheaply — using just e-mail, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — with almost no leadership required.
    The sweetest thing about this right now is that the Alinsky tactics that Obama and his team employ are founded on a now-obsolete model where there’s a leader to personify, isolate, demonize and destroy.
  • The Reganite Republican Resistance has been tracking Stacy all the way, picking up the moment Hoffman surged ahead. He also noted that, after Scozzafava had turned Gingrich into a Newt, he did not in fact get better, but further transformed into toast.>
  • Pat in Shereveport includes this blog in a fine summary, and notes us again in tracking the Pataki endorsement. Additionally, she notes the impending arrival of Joe Biden, sure to strike some emotion in the heart of some human organ somewhere.
  • The Enterprising Paco has noted Stacy's efforts with approval, and the Sarah Palin endorsement even moreso.
  • Rightofcourse was correctly expected to offer support for the cause. Chance also opined that the left nearly hates Hoffman as much as they hate Sarah.
  • Obi's Sister is tracking progress, and encouraging support.
  • Left Coast Rebel hat tips us while recalling Newt, Princess Pelosi and some sort of used car sale. He notes Stacy's road habits.
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner offered a Hoffman roundup.
  • Troglopundit found interest in NY-23 through the journalistic virtuosity of Stacy McCain.
  • The Classic Liberal has a thorough overview of the race. I like the inverted elephant graphic. Now, can we make it green, add fins and a tail, and achieve a Loch Ness monster?
  • Instapundit linked Stacy over at The American Spectator.
  • Fischersville Mike: "What's a Z worth in Scrabble?"
  • Not One Red Cent had a post by Pat in Shreveport on the Hoffman surge.
  • The NY Gathering of Eagles linked this blog amidst a Sarah Palin post.
  • The Track-a-'Crat recalls his last Stacy McCain adventure, while regretting not going on the current outing.
  • The Daley Gator noticed the emerging GOP consciousness, as well as the increasingly likely dumping of Dede.
FMJRA would like to thank the following patient readers whose links were overlooked:
  • Boom Boom Boom linked the NY-23 coverage here and here.
  • American Power was also free with the linky-love here.
Czar d'Oz Found Readers!

  • Ruby Slippers has a splendid review of politically-inspired costumes that considers Czars, mentioning this blog's recent jumbo-shrimp epic.
  • Dan Riehl apparently got past the puking to offer the following review:
    It's sort of like the Wizard of Oz meets Firing Line on a day when William F was drunk and opened with, just call me Bill.
We'd Call it Frankenbill, but Al is a Senator
Maybe it's all a head fake. Maybe Princess Pelosi gathers that the whole Progressive project is indeed a vast pile of bollocks, and the only way to kill the Vasa is to keep adding gun decks. Which metaphor also works for the US economy and debt, sadly. Pay attention to your naval architects, who tend towards being a conservative lot.
Other FMJRAs:
Miscellaneous Shouts:
  • Generational Dysfunction has us on the blogroll.
  • Little Miss Attila continues to remember libations owed. Stacy, while it goes against standard operating procedure, it might be cheaper to pay up on this one. Just sayin'.
  • Da Tech Guy hopes that Charles Johnson can un-b0rk himself. Let there always remain paths for repentance and redemption.
  • Paco Enterprises reveals a capacity for tolerating Chris Matthews. The new Paco Enterprises codpiece line must offer excellent protection, indeed.
This is not the browser-buster FMJRA that, deep down in its inner post, it wants to be. Please send updates. Also consider Rule 5 Sunday, and get ready for some full-tilt blogging as Tuesday's elections roll around.

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