Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are You Ready to (Tea) Party?

We're now only six days away from Saturday's big Taxpayer March On D.C. -- are you fired up, people?

This is going to be The Mother Of All Tea Parties, the day that the Washington politicians in both parties finally behold the united power of the grassroots taxpayer uprising against runaway government. The Tea Party Patriots are planning events nationwide Saturday, but if you can make it Washington, you don't want to miss this one -- it's going to be like Woodstock for right-wingers!

Imagine the sheer panic of those corrupt liberals and sold-out RINOs when they see a vast army of thousands of patriotic American citizens-- scores of brilliant yellow Gadsden Flags with their "Don't Tread On Me!" mottos flying proudly in the breeze -- marching on the Capitol!

Ah, friends, but this is going to be much more than just a one-day protest march. The sponsors have scheduled three days of organized activism (see the agenda below) and, more than that, there will be parties every evening so that the friends of freedom can get together to meet, greet and relax.

As a matter of fact, co-blogger Smitty be will hosting one such soiree this week -- SmittyPalooza II is scheduled for Thursday evening. The inaugural SmittyPalooza was an intimate affair, with about a dozen bloggers gathering for refreshments and flesh-time fellowship. This Thursday's event promises to be somewhat larger -- I got a wild hair about 2 a.m. Saturday and invited 94 of my Facebook friends. If you're a blogger or regular reader of The Other McCain who will be in D.C. this week and you're interested in attending SmittyPalooza II, please e-mail Smitty for details.

But wait! There's more! Friday evening, the Young Conservative Coalition and Parcbench will host a "Red, White & Brew" Happy Hour at Capitol City Brewery -- near Union Station, about four blocks from the Capitol. Are you a "Young Conservative"? Hey, age is just a number -- you're invited!

There will be other parties during the week. Lots of celebrities will be in town for this event -- including radio talk-show hosts like my friends Martha Zoller of Atlanta and Doc Thompson of Richmond -- and among my skills as an investigative journalist is an uncanny ability to discover the location of private parties that need to be crashed. So if you're hanging with our posse in D.C. this week, it's guaranteed to be a blast.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up for the 9/12 March on DC now! Here is the agenda for the week:

Thursday, 9-10
  • 9:00am to 12:00pm Liberty Summit at DC Armory
  • 1:00pm: Press Conference on Capitol Hill
  • 1:30pm to 5:30pm: Grassroots lobbying visits on Capitol Hill
  • 5:30pm Doctors Rally Against Socialized Medicine
Friday, 9-11
  • 9:00am Leadership Institute: Internet Activist Workshop
  • 10:00am – 5:00pm Lobbyist and Activism Training Seminars
  • 12:00pm to 4:00pm CEI/ARC Intellectual Ammunition Workshop
  • 1:00pm Leadership Institute: Grassroots On the Ground Workshop
  • 2:00pm to 5:30pm Grassroots lobbying visits on Capitol Hill
  • 4:00pm Bureaucrash Happy Hour at Bullfeathers
  • 5:00 pm Leadership Institute: Grassroots on the Hill Workshop
  • 6:30pm to 10:00pm Remember 911 and support the troops at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
  • 8:00am – 11:00pm Sign-Making at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill (400 New Jersey Avenue, NW) Congressional Room B
Saturday, 9-12
  • 9:00am Crowd gathers at Freedom Plaza
  • 11:30am March on the Capitol Begins down Pennsylvania Ave.
  • 1:00pm March ends and Rally Begins at West Front of the U.S. Capitol
Many of these events require registration, so be sure to check the official 9/12 agenda for details. If you haven't already made the decision to join this massive three-day effort to wake up Washington, it's not too late. Whether you can do the whole week or just Saturday's big rally, please come to D.C.for this event -- it's going to be the greatest party ever, and you're invited!
And speaking of economics, please hit the tip jar. It's quite literally for the children -- including the World's Cutest Child.


  1. I soooooooooo wish I could come. Of course I would be kidnapping Smitty and spiriting him away to Idaho to be my Comma Czar.

  2. @Adrienne,
    Well, my wife may have an opinion on the matter.
    Alas, I've got my Weekend Warrior thing on 12Sep, and I just can't make it go away.

  3. Well, fine then! She can come too...

    And I can sure nuff wait until the 13th

  4. Wish I could make it, but I'll be traveling on business.

    I'll hit the Donate button, though, so that Doctor McCain can purchase the appropriate ethanol based medication to kill the pain. Fruit juice additives are optional, of course.

  5. Thanks for the righteous hit on the tip jar, Jeff. Your generosity is appreciated!

  6. Wow! 9/9/9 starts a ball rolling, that the White House thought would make "passing health care" an easy task for Harry & Nancy to push through. When the Tea Party ARRIVES!

    On 9/9/9 will Obama cover the 'joint' with lies? A good speech writer would including him saying, "Look, I've invited a lot of people to DC." Or, how can he claim he's bringing a bill that he knows will please the People?

    Yes. He's at Camp David rehearsing now.

  7. From Wikipedia:

    In fall 1775, the United States Navy was established to intercept incoming British ships carrying war supplies to the British troops in the colonies. To aid in this, the Second Continental Congress authorized the mustering of five companies of Marines to accompany the Navy on their first mission. The first Marines that enlisted were from Philadelphia and they carried drums painted yellow, depicting a coiled rattlesnake with thirteen rattles, and the motto "Don't Tread On Me." This is the first recorded mention of the future Gadsden flag's symbolism.

  8. My family is coming and we've signed up for some events already that require reg. It would be such a kick to run into bloggers or commenters whose work I know.

    I'll be with the ponytailed Vietnam vet and the 2 young folks with the adorable 14-month-old. She's already a young conservative. :-D

  9. Sandra and I are coming out to protest; we arrive the afternoon of the 9th (Wed) and leave the afternoon of the 14th (Mon). Count us in. ..bruce..

    Bruce F. Webster

  10. Does anyone know if any radio station is broadcasting the speeches on Saturday. Many of us may be too far away to hear the laudspeakers.

  11. I am going on 9/12 from SW PA with Patriots for Freedom. A month ago, they wondered if they could fill a bus. A week and a half ago, they were starting to talk about needing another bus. Last I heard, last Friday, they have five buses going.

    I think everybody is going to be astounded by the turnout.