Thursday, May 7, 2009

Marie Osmond's lesbian daughter?

While searching the news for the latest Carrie Prejean developments, I just happened to come across a story that one of Marie Osmond's daughters is a lesbian. Can you guess which one?

Most of you guys probably guessed wrong, according to this story that reports Marie is supporting same-sex marriage in California.

Some background: Three years ago, Marie went on a crusade for Internet decency after reading her daugthers' MySpace pages. Daughter Jessica, then 18, described herself on MySpace as a bisexual who craved sex "as many times as possible," while daughter Rachael, then 16, described herself as a "slut" and a "whore."

According to the latest news, Jessica has since kissed "bi" bye-bye and is now playing full-time for the other team. But cheer up, guys: You still have a shot at the self-described "slut"/"whore."

Just quoting what others have reported. Nothing to do with National Offend A Feminist Week. Honest.


  1. stacy, I am officially taking you off of my blogroll now, I liked your blog as it were, you are resorting to gutter nonsense and pandering.....bye bye.....

  2. Did I really need to know that one of Marie Osmond's daughters prefers to go pearl diving?

    Was that public knowledge?

    I probably would have gone throughout my whole life without knowing that were I not to have frequented your blog. Isn't that a bit too much information there Robert? Wasn't that at least slightly invasive of their privacy?

    When they out themselves, that's classless, and when others in their own ranks out each other for political purposes, that's both classless and desgraceful.

    I don't know where you got this from, but is that a source that it's worth the while for you to visit?

    Had you simply posted their pictures, that's fine. But why this additional information?

  3. LEFT COAST REBEL: Oh, for crying out loud! Just Google or search Google News, and you see that this story is all over the place.

    Your argument seems to be that only the MSM, liberal political sites or pro-gay gossip bloggers should be allowed to write about such news. So one day you'll turn on your TV and see Marie Osmond arguing in favor of same-sex marriage and think, "What the heck?" Why? Because you demanded to remain uniformed?

    Before you tell me I need to rethink my theory of conservative blogging, please consider the possibility that your own theory may be flawed. If a jihadi beheads a hostage in Pakistan, should I not report that for fear of being accused of endorsing jihad or beheadings? "Oh, let's let al-Jazeera monopolize reporting of jihad."

    Dude, seriously?

  4. LEFT COAST REBEL: If this story had been about Marie Osmond's daughter being a heroin addict, and Marie coming out in favor of drug legalization, would you have objected?

    I think not.

    OK, so if Chelsea Clinton came out as a lesbian and then Bill Clinton endorsed same-sex marriage, would you have objected to my reporting that?

    I think not.

    So please tell me what the rationale of this criticism is? I've blogged about celebrity news here since March 2007. Just go up in the search window and try "celebrity news update" as your search terms.

    And, BTW, I've met Chelsea Clinton. It was at a rally for her mother's primary campaign in West Virginia that I covered last year. Chelsea is very nice. I took my two sons Jefferson and Emerson to the event, and Chelsea talked to them and told me how cute they were.

    Say what you will about Bill and Hillary -- and I've said some very nasty things about them -- their daughter seems to have turned out OK. Also, Chelsea's much more attractive in person than you might imagine if you've only seen her in pictures or on TV.

    Or maybe that's just me. True confession: Hillary's kinda cute too, in that mature-woman way.

  5. That should be ". . . blogged about celebrity news here since March 2008 . . ."

  6. I think I'd still prefer Jessica. Because my feminine side is, as that great man Robin Williams once put it, a woman in comfortable shoes.

  7. anon - I would call publishing it on their very own My Space page makes it pretty dang public.

    I think the whole thing is sad and Marie seems to be wandering far from her Mormon roots.

  8. Because Mormons never have lesbian daughters?

  9. Actually, Adrienne hits in on the head. Afterall, Miss Osmond is a divorcee, and that is a big no-no in Mormonism. Gets one out of being "Temple-worthy" if I have it correctly. As far as being for same-sex marriage, it is clearly an emotional response because of a lesbian daughter. Really, it does not matter to me. I still like the blog and think that your reportage on celebutards is OK. Why should all the fringies have the corner marketed on gossip?! Not my cup o' tea, but ok that you are on top of it for the rest of the blogoshphere!

  10. Stacy - Looks like I hit a nerve! I am not making the point that I ''demand to remain uninformed'' as you said, it's just that I blog (and visit your blog btw), to get away from stories like this. I could give a rat's scrawny little toosh if Maria Osmond's daughter is a lesbian. I could also care less about the Carrie Prejean 'nude' picture. I don't care if these are big hit items on Google either! I don't care if these stories bring traffic here. I'm not chastising you here on your choice of content, I'm merely complaining! Take it to heart as a fellow blogger that makes up a substantial amount of referral traffic to your site. As a 'valued customer' am I not allowed to complain? I have left many comments here, this is the first complaint. To also try to draw the analogy that my request for a gutter-free zone here (lesbian outings, Prejean nude-pic hysteria), is akin to not reporting on a jihadi beheading for fear of remorse is absurd. I would rather risk my life speaking out against a crazy murderous jihadist than resort to gutter-level trash talk. Especially with everything that is going in our country right now! I do appreciate a lot of the good work that you do here and I give you props for making a business out of this but here me out man!

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