Sunday, May 3, 2009

Princess Kennedy for SCOTUS?

By Smitty
HillBuzz scoops it:
Ladies and Gentleman, I come to you today not as the daughter of a former president, not as the daughter of a former first lady known around the world for her style and grace, not as the niece of a shameless drunk who left a woman to drown in his submerged Oldsmobile, not as the embarrassment to herself and, you know, others who tried to claim a Senate seat that didn’t belong to her, not as that same embarrassment who then thought she could be Ambassador to the Vatican, despite the Pope’s personal protests against me, and the fact the last Ambassador Kennedy did as much damage to US-British relations as was humanly possible.
No, today I come before you, my reddish-brown mane never looking better, my diamonds never sparkling more, as not any of those previously mentioned things that make my mother, father, and brother roll over in their graves. No, today I am standing before you as just Caroline Kennedy, the woman who now wants to be a Justice on the Supreme Court. The woman who once had that pony you all remember and loved. . . .
Ah, yes. Read the rest.

UPDATE (RSM): Speaking of princesses and ponies, John "Silky Pony" Edwards is under investigation for suspected campaign finance violations.


  1. Actually - if you want a major scoop - predict that the "princess" will replace her uncle as U.S. Senator from Taxachusetts. It's an automatic for ANY Kennedy in a state that seems to be overflowing with them.

  2. When will poor deluded woman understand that the last name Kennedy doesn't qualify her for anything?

    By the way, my daddy gave me a pony. His name was Charlie. Can I be a supreme court justice?

  3. This would make Harriet Myers look reasonable.