Thursday, May 7, 2009

'Doctor, My Eyes'

Today, I twice had bad typos in posts. There is an explanation.

Last week, one of my teenagers came down with conjunctivitis -- "pink eye" -- and since then, each of our six children has had the same outbreak, in succession. Yesterday afternoon, my eyes started getting sore and now I've got it. (Family values!)

I'm miserable, of course, but the inflammation only lasts about 48 hours, and so by tomorrow afternoon, I should be back to normal. (Define "normal.") In the meantime, my eyes are blurry, I feel like crap, and I need to be getting my rest, so blogging will be sporadic.


  1. Been there a few times. Sucks big time. Can't wear contacts till it is gone.

    Was working for an eye doctor while in grad school, and they told me it was something else. That something else seemed strange when it spread from one eye to the other.

    William Teach (not sure why Typekey shows like that.

  2. Six kids?

    Dude. I get no sleep with two. I cannot imagine.

  3. Pink eye makes one look like Marty Feldman....

  4. Oooooo I love Jackson almost as much as Clapton. *Sighs*.

    Hope you feel better!

  5. Look on the bright side. You're not getting government health care like my Uncle Joe, who came back from two tours in Vietnam without a scratch only to lose an eye in Panama to some blue-suited quack who misdiagnosed his eye infection as something else. See what we all have to look forward to?

  6. No problem, man. You get better, I'll keep everybody entertained over at my place until you get back.