Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Video: Glenn Beck to ACORN: 'Get the hell out of my studio'

Via Hot Air, how to deal with cheap liberal accusations of "racism":

Kathy Shaidle might have just fallen in love. She's gotta at least be breathing heavily.


  1. Riiiiight....
    Glenn got all in ACORN'S face--he just doesn't have video of it.
    Because they weren't rolling when it happened...
    Because Glenn's credibility is sparkling!
    Was he crying when he told ACORN dude to leave his studio?

  2. Another take. How about that the Acorn thug did not have the guts to say his dribble ON camera? Of course not. These thugs are the biggest Chicken Shits there are. All they know how to do is cry racism when their thuggery is called to the carpet. BTW, did Tony Romo vote in NEVADA? Well, he should have since Acorn "registered" him there. Oh, my bad. Just a mistake, I am sure.

  3. Speaking of ACORN's voting registration efforts, has anyone checked numbers in Detroit? They have 200,000 more registered voters than people over 18.

    But of course - let's not jump to any conclusions about ACORN. They're just doing the hard work of making lives better in communities across America.

  4. Good point El Cerdo! I forgot about that one. Also, how is it that Acorn does not hit the suburbs or rural areas in their voter "registration" drives? Not enough fradulant "people" to register?