Monday, May 4, 2009

Ruh-roh: Malkin vs. Grover Norquist?

Oh, man, if this doesn't make me forget my little go-round with Cassandra, nothing ever will. In targeting the gutless tax-and-spend California Republicans, Michelle Malkin calls out Grover Norquist:
Grass-roots activists have watched state GOP chairman Ron Nehring drive the party into the ground -- and spend their money doing it. Nehring is a protege of open-borders, credibility-undermining Grover Norquist. It was under Nehring's watch that the California GOP hired Norquist's friend, Michael Kamburowski, to serve as the California Republican Party's chief operating officer in charge of the multimillion-dollar budget of the nation's largest state Republican Party -- despite being here illegally with no work visa or valid work permit.
The episode became the butt of late-night jokes, but neither Nehring nor Norquist suffered any consequences.
Two giants of the Right, in open conflict. Stay tuned.

Show of hands: Who wants to watch Malkin and Norquist do an hour-long debate on Hannity?

UPDATE: In the comments below, Dark Horse doesn't like my suggestion of a shout-show talking-heads debate on Hannity, wants a full live debate, and accepts my alternative suggestion of Andrew Napolitano to moderate.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at Malkin's listing of the lavish expenses that California GOP boss Nehring ran up, prompting her to remark:
If he had something to show for it all, maybe it would be worth it. But what has he done? Flushed party dues down the toilet and the state GOP’s credibility and electoral prospects along with it:
Which reminded me of something I wrote in a very long piece yesterday:
Never mind whether Consultant Y actually delivers winning campaign strategies. He's a longtime Republican who's got all the right friends, says all the right things, and wears the right "Reaganesque" suits, so he keeps getting hired and keeps losing elections. . . .
If people don't want to be in the "Big Tent" nowadays, maybe it's because they can't stand the stench of heaped-up bullshit.
If Malkin's aim is to do something about this smelly problem, she'll have a lot of support.

UPDATE II: Ed Driscoll on the "Golden State Mobius Loop." You might also want to check out my post from February, "California: Zimbabwe U.S.A." Republicans would do better if they were willing to lose elections by standing full-strength against the parasitical public-employee unions, instead of trying the Schwarzenegger compromise approach. It's like trying to compromise with a shark -- there's no future in it for anyone except the shark.


  1. The Hannity death-match is a tempting thought. I would rather see them do a non-TV debate moderated by someone with real horsepower.
    They're both serious people, and they differ on serious topics. I think that a realtime debate moderated by (for instance) one of the guys from PowerLine, or Hewitt, or even your variably august self would do better service to the issue.

  2. Norq is the worst.

    He is a sleeper agent.

    Actually, he is just a conservative tainted by leftism.

    Michelle will kill this loser, hands down.

    This fight will be Michelle in five, with a stone knockout on the Norq.

    He better call Arlen and as for a desk in the corner.

  3. Dark Horse, I wouldn't want to get in the middle of a fight like that. Malkin is one of those people I guarantee you'd never want as an enemy. And whatever anybody says about Norquist, he is arguably the most powerful conservative activist in Washington. The Wednesday Morning meetings at Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform are where the weekly agenda of the conservative movement is established.

    I'm insufficiently familiar with the situation in California to comment one way or another. But for Malkin to go all-out against Norquist like this -- well, you just don't see that kind of thing very often.

    As to who would moderate a Malkin-Norquist debate: How about Judge Andrew Napolitano? He's pretty much a straight-out libertarian.

  4. One hand here...

    And I suspect Left Coast Rebel of being a Dem Infiltrator! Two hands sounds like a Democrat voting "tactic" to me ;)

  5. RSM,
    That's exactly why I phrased it the way I did. Serious people debating serious topics are deserving of a serious venue, which, with all respect and affection, Hannity is not. I'm thinking full-formal L-D debate here, not this 'Ordeal by talking head' that the electorate has gotten used to.

    I was imagining a more public venue. Heritage, the Federalist Society, somewhere like that. The entire debate could be released as transcript and on video. It could be an Event.

    The moderator could be Scalia, Napolitano, Rogers-Brown, someone along restrained constructionist lines. Someone with enough horsepower to not get ridden down, and enough integrity to leave the room without new enemies.

    It is an intersting thought.

  6. RSM, one can no longer be considered a "conservative activist" and support open-borders. That is a demographical liberal-statist end-game winner. It's Conservative suicide.

    Controlled-borders with legal immigration is one of a very short-list of litmus tests anyone must pass if they wish to be considered a bona-fide Conservative.

    Liberals have been killing themselves and parent planning themselves into a replay of Europe's liberal-statist death spiral. The only long-term solution for them is to literally import more liberals, and that means open borders soft-on-illegals policy.

    If Malkin wants to challenge Norquist on what is a fundamental existential issue facing Liberty, then I'm with her.

  7. Folks, Norq got in bed with Hezbollah supporters. He didn't know what he was doing.

    He is not a right winger, he likes to play at leader.

    Throw him to the dogs.

    He has been pushing the moderate squish movement as well.

  8. Michelle Malkin .. mmmm.. yuuuum!
    My dream woman.. does anyone knw if she been sick or something? I havent seen her lately on any of those Fox News programs like beck or cavuto?

  9. I think you seriously underestimate the number of people who would know that L-D refers to Lincoln - Douglas...

    Baskin Robbins launched their new marketing campaign slogan "Yay!"
    That's right, "Yay!"
    You'll have to excuse me if my faith in people's general literacy has been shaken, but this is our public education tax dollars at work.

  10. Boiling hot tar Michelle!!

    These hacks are destroying my state.

  11. "Norquist, he is arguably the most powerful conservative activist in Washington."

    no wonder the conservative moment in dead.