Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Left-wing bloggers boost 2014 re-election campaign of Sen. Jeff Sessions

Michelle Malkin:
The left-wing blogosphere has been busy slinging mud at Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has taken over the lead GOP spot on the Senate Judiciary Committee. All on cue, the liberal bloggers are recycling old quotes out of context to smear Sen. Sessions as a racist and cripple the Republicans from voicing any opposition to President Obama’s first Supreme Court nominee.
The race-obsessed leftists are the ones wearing the bigot blinders. They see every white Southern Republican male in public office as a de facto racist.
In case you don't know anything about Alabama Republicans, they are profoundly suspicious of any Republican official who has never been denounced as a "racist." If liberals want to destroy Senator Sessions, they should start saying nice things about him.

Ultimately, this scattershot business of smearing every opponent of Obama as "racist" will have precisely the opposite effect of what liberals hope. Lots of folks are starting to notice this -- look at Glenn Beck -- and fight back.

Stand firm and tell the truth. The idiot liberals might just yet Alabamify this country.


  1. "The idiot liberals might just yet Alabamify this country."

    Hey man, I am NOT marrying my cousin.
    And I'm keeping all my teeth, thank you...

  2. So.. you DON'T want to be like FDR, then Young 4I's?

  3. Nobody else wants to marry your sister either, 4I's, because then they'd be stuck with you for an in-law. So it's going to be your fault that she dies old, alone, bitter, and eaten by the 46,000 cats she's keeping in that house. ;)