Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why? Because Obama hates women

"[Democrat feminist blogger Melissa] McEwan became increasingly unnerved by what she saw of the sexist coverage of Clinton, and how the progressive blogosphere, having embraced Obama, let so much of it pass without comment. . . . Worse was the fact that over time, she couldn't shake the feeling that portions of the netroots were actually pushing the sexist stuff."

(Bloggers: Join the celebration!)


  1. Who remembers Stokely Carmichael's classic line: "The only position for women in SNCC is prone"? I don't think men on the left have ever willingly been "enlightened" where women are concerned; they've only been feminists when it suited their self-interest.

    My best guess to account for this recent rude behavior is, women of the left have made it so completely clear that they are permanently and perpetually in the tank for The One that no one feels any need to pay any attention to them. The left thinks only in terms of groups, groups who generally want to trade their support for some kind of reward. Lefty women are kind of like girls who sleep with you on the first date, even before you spring for dinner: you don't have to even pretend you like them any more, once they've put out. The left has already received its payoff from these lefty women, so they no longer feel the need to treat them with even the merest jot or tittle of respect.

  2. Slight correction: Obama hates white women.

  3. Tonestaple:
    That would go for anyone in the tank for anyone or organization.