Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Saturday

by Smitty

Sending this week's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around installment from Las Vegas. Not so much fear and loathing here, though there is some shock and awe from seeing the Blue Man Group.

  • Why the Troglopundit called Stacy a big doodyhead isn't exactly clear. The Trgolopundit makes an understandable mistake, so let me clarify: it was always 'My Sharona', not my sharia.
  • Apparently this post is composed not too far from Right of Course, who linked the Carrie Prejean topless photo, and set off to make enemies IAW Rules 3 and 4, without mentioning any enemies resulting.
  • The Classic Liberal linked the CP topless photo.
  • Carolyn Tackett lays down the new rules of racism: white, southern, Christian, conservative. Depending on how exactly you define 'southern', I'm between 300% and 400% racist. Thanks for organizing the community, Identity Politics!
  • Protein Wisdom Linked us on the Dijongate condiment kerfluffle.
  • The Blog Prof picked up the demographics of dhimmitude clip.
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner connected the dots between an article on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning* (LGBTQ) issues in San Francisco and the Joe no memo post.
    *questioning why this horrible eyesore of an acronym must afflict our lives.
  • The wonderfully named Gold-Plated Witch on Wheels sums up my opinion on the CP pic:
    I'm not sure how nude photos invalidate support for traditional marriage, but I've never claimed to understand the liberal mind.
    Goldie, it's important to avoid arguing with a drunkard or a fool.
  • The Rude News linked the demographics of dhimmitude amongst a thoughtful review of the European demographic meltdowon.
  • Below the Beltway hat tipped us for pointing out the inadequacy of public education.
  • Carlos Echevarria hat tipped the Glen Beck ACORN ejection video.
  • Jamie Jeffords celebrates National Offend a Feminist Week and Rule 5 at the same time. Which brings up the point that you need to get your input to Smitty for inclusion in the Rule 5 Sunday post, which I'll be composing from Denver on the way back to Virginia.
  • Stacy picked up a Quote of the Day from No Runny Eggs for “Lie down with Bushes, wake up with Democrats.”
  • This blog was linked on Gay Patriot in a Carrie Prejean overview that contains the following quotable passage:
    While I’ve read more than I care to about this controversy, I have yet to find one statement she has made showing a fear (”phobia”) of homosexuals or showing any animosity whatsoever against gay people. All I’ve heard her is express the viewpoint of a majority of Americans, including the Democratic President of the United States about the meaning of marriage.
    Sorry, fellas, that’s just not homophobia.

Stacy points out the need for a National Offend a Feminist Week Roundup, and how can we fail to deliver?:
Update II
A couple of readers have pointed out some ludicrous oversights on my part. While I am not responsible for the Scare Force One debacle, I will take the hit for my boo-boobery.
  • Carol asked: "WTF Is This? RSM Declared Me The Winner Of NOAFW!" to which I can only reply with Olypic-grade groveling. The point was to offend Feminists, not good conservative women.
  • The WyBlog was similarly curious about this post and another one on teacher tenure follies
  • We also overlooked a good roundup over at Generation Patriot
  • Rumblepak had a brace of posts: The Swiss Cheese Logic of Meghan McCain (not to imply anything pejorative about a fine fromage, mind you) and an excellent meditation on the torture situation.
  • And Dustbury offers: “When it comes to females,” observed Sir Mix-A-Lot, “Cosmo ain’t got nothin’ to do with my selection.” As an '87 graduate of Franklin High School in Seattle, I approve a all Mix-a-Lot quotations.

Here is a recap on the posts for the week:
  1. Kickoff
  2. Cosmo Syndrome
  3. How to Reply
  4. Army Input
  5. Traditional Agenda

The clonebots appear to have been distracted by something shiny here in Vegas. If blog amongst the following URLs, and feel slighted by an omission due to Technorati or the clonebots, please forward the URLs directly to me for inclusion.
For example, Stephen Green at The Examiner noted Stacy's contributions to fighting the good fight on several occasions. People we'd like to hear more from include the following:


  1. Smitty,

    An early Rule 5 Sunday entry?

  2. i am in hawaii for a a family gathering with a laptop with a faulty space bar. Between that and the beach blogging has suffered otherwise Iwould have been link whoring my but off.

  3. I totally screwed up the linkage in my last comment.

  4. I realize I'm just a blogospheric mushroom who gets fewer hits in a week than you do in an hour but I linked you hosers twice last week and my name is nowhere in lights. What's up with that? Is it some kind of conspiracy?

    I demand a recount!

    It's National Offend a Feminist WeekTeachers unions, "rubber rooms", and tenure

  5. I've mentioned this before, but I feel this kind of listing is actually counterproductive to the aim of driving traffic. It's #1 imposing and daunting, and #2 unheirarchical.

    I think better than a list of "everyone who linked" would be a short but sweet rundown of "these were the top three blogs that linked most often this week, and here are the top three articles I found to be most important/insightful/absurd/whatever"

    Not only would you get more click throughs than any big-list-of-random (which I tend to gloss over and ignore 99% of), but it would incentivise healthy competition between other blogs to link you more often and alert you to higher quality products of their own.

  6. Thanks for the link!

    Rule 5 and Federalism post must have gotten your attention...