Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Worse SCOTUS idea than Princess Kennedy: Gore

by Smitty

I thought the HillBuzz suggestion of Princess Kennedy was a decent split of the territory between stupid and absurd.
Pat in Shreveport sees my absurd, and raises me a Nobel Prize and an Oscar: Al Gore for SCOTUS.
Pat quotes the Catholic weekly America:
there is a long tradition of having those with legislative or executive experience on the Court, a tradition that has fallen by the wayside as Presidents have sought nominees with little or no paper trail. Earl Warren was a lawyer, and had served as attorney general of California, but it was his stature as a three-term Governor who was nominated by both parties for the job that earned him the nod for the Court in 1953.
It makes great sense in Hopey-change America. We have a POTUS who's got more best-sellers under his belt than substantive legislation.
Where Pat's post only gets a B+ instead of the A grade is that she neglected to nominate RSM instead. Like Gore, Stacy hasn't a law degree. Unlike the Global Grilling Gadfly, Stacy's opinions can be guaranteed in advance not to render the reader comatose.


  1. Actually, I have to disagree. Gore would be a much better pick than, y'know, Caroline Schlossberg.

    Albert Gore is over 60 years old and isn't exactly the image of good health. If Obama is going to nominate a devil anyway, might as well be an ageing, wheezing devil we know.