Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

By Smitty
Stacy did a great job yesterday with the clone bot output I sent him entitled "From Moab Journey Ridiculous Anchor Tags". He apparently lacks my backronym fetish. However, the loyal readership may not have copied him on all the Rule 5 inputs, so I'll just get a little something put together.

As we're hitting the road early tomorrow from Moab to take in Mesa Verde, your choice are to mailbomb Stacy with updates, or let me queue them up for next Sunday, which will probably be posted from Lost Wages. But enough distraction.
  • W.J. Perry features Danica Patrick looking for directions to...something. And speaking of directions, we will include this link, with a stern warning about the last photo: this kind of thing and Yasser Arafat are two examples of Shootin' Offenses on Rule 5 Sunday. You may administer punishment with a water pistol at your leisure, and are admonished to sin no more, sir. Later in the week, he nominated Megyn Kelly for the SCOTUS. All is forgiven.
  • The Physics Geek features a healthy collection of lovlies.
  • Kirbside initiates a Rule 5 mystery. One only hopes the answer isn't too anticlimactic.
  • Jeffords comes down on the negative side of the timeless BIB? question. I thoroughly agree with his answer and his sensibility.
  • Dustbury has a great retro shot of Shirley Jones. Nice [large cat]!
  • The quotable Mark Freeberg:
    If visual pleasure is one of the Muses, incarnated into flesh and blood and sent down from Mount Olympus to walk upon the earth…this young lady is undoubtedly her.
  • Donald Douglas sounds as though he's in full agreement with Freeberg on Bar Rafaeli
  • Paco's string of silver screen sensations remains unbroken.
  • Pat in Shreveport comes through with some Russell Crowe goodness. Bows are so masculine. But can she do Ted Nugent with a bow? If nothing else, he's old enough to meed Stacy's Bonham Rule. Nugent, BTW, is one of the only people I can think of who makes Stacy seem sedate in comparison.
  • Mildly Rude URL Pun of the Day goes to the WyBlog, for go-go bars feel the economic pinch, which shows up in the post title as 'downturn'.
  • Check out this caption contest over at Cowboy Blob's Saloon and Shootin Gallery.
  • Fausta has beaten Pat and Carol to Sean Connery. I'm almost tempted to drop everything and move to Scotland to work on the accent.
  • Chris Muir has Governor Palin in "sexy" positions.
  • The Track-a-'Crat has been doing yeoman work on his blog, handing out floggings to deserving (mostly Lefty) targets, and slid in a picture of two people he claims are him and his bride. We also know that US schools are less than scholarly. Apparently US schools in his neighborhood have been giving off excessive Lousy Grammar Radiation. Here we have a Brit saying: "...this photo is of my wife and I at our wedding reception eight days ago."
    Now, if it was just you, Jonathan, you'd have said "...this photo is of me". If her, "...this photo is of my wife". So why does it become "my wife and I", for Shakespeare's sake?
Relax, everyone, I only let the grammar fascist out of his cage for Jonathan, because he secretly craves the abuse. As noted above, I'm out looking at natural beauty, like these two "ships of the desert" on the way in to Canyonlands National Park:

(work with me, people) So you can either email updates to Stacy for inclusion here, or mail them to Smitty for inclusion next time.

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  1. Incorrect grammar now corrected, Smitty!

    You threw me off by adding your comment and link in a different post, where my habitually impeccable grammar reigned as normal.

    Glad to know that I'm not the only grammar-Nazi around...