Friday, May 8, 2009

'I stand in naked solidarity . . .'

Tigerhawk strips down with Carrie Prejean, and makes a massively impressive argument:
The angle of the shot . . . makes it only mildly NSFW, certainly no worse than the "scandalous" picture of Carrie Prejean. The picture may lack the compositional integrity of the Speedo shot of The Other McCain, but it is no more or less offensive, and perhaps leaves more to the imagination, at least in the frontal sense.
"More to the imagination"? Oh, so much more than you could possibly imagine:

That water was cold. And did I forget to mention that my wife and I have six children? Because conservatives "don't understand about sex." It's still National Offend A Feminist Week, and we know what does the trick.


  1. It's the mullet that does the trick.

  2. uh, someone is givin an idea of his skills

  3. wish you had shown your feet. wondered if your toe nails were painted

  4. I begin a new week of blogwhoring with a link to this story and your now famous physique