Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's talk 'homophobia'

One of my friends used to be a lesbian. I mean total, militant, out-and-proud lesbian. And then she met a guy and fell in love and now she's just a suburban mom. Almost nobody knows that she was ever gay.

You've seen these "ex-gay" crusaders? My friend isn't one of those. However, she knows what she knows, and she knows it from direct personal experience. And if there is anything she hates worse than the accusation of being "ignorant" about homosexuality, it's being accused of "homophobia," a word whose very meaning she disputes as an ontological error.

So I thought of my ex-lesbian friend today when I saw the headline, "CARRIE PREJEAN -- ORIGINS OF HOMOPHOBIA," citing court documents from her parents' divorce.

This "diagnosis" from the psychiatric experts at demanded an appropriate response, and since "Fuck You,!" probably wouldn't go over too well with the Boss at Hot Air, I tried to make it a little more subtle at the Green Room:
Let me say something very clearly: Stipulating as a hypothetical that there exists a mental disorder we might fairly call "homophobia" -- an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals -- I am 100% certain that I do not suffer from it. And I'm willing to bet good money that Carrie Prejean doesn't suffer from it, either. . . .
You should read the whole thing. And watch out for those double-entendres, especially if you're bilingual. NTTAWWT.

UPDATE: Jules Crittenden is craving some naked Carrie Prejean linky-love. And since he caught a typo on my blog, he deserves at least as much linky-love as Marie Osmond's lesbian daughter. Je suis un capitaliste! (Chicks dig it when I talk French.)

UPDATE II: Thanks to the commenters who corrected my French. Hey, what kind of un-Americans are you, anyway, with all that parlais-vouz stuff? I'll bet you're the kind of commies who would put dijon mustard on a cheeseburger. I'm thinking of an Anglo-Saxon compound word for you guys . . .

UPDATE III: William Teach at Pirate's Cove tells us the "new" Carrie Prejean nude pic is a Photoshop.

Also: Welcome Conservative Grapevine readers! Let me warn you that if you don't really hate Meghan McCain, don't click this link. And my rule has always been, when in doubt, double down.


  1. The always wise Dr. Dean once said that one of the best kept secrets of the Gay Community is that women can move in and out of Lesbianism, but men are either straight, gay or well on their way to it. It's a gender thing.

    As the joke goes - cut down one tree and you're not a Lumberjack but suck one wee-wee...

  2. You just said in French that you are a capitalist woman.

    "Capitaliste" is of the masculine gender: Je suis un capitaliste.

    Your friendly know-it-all,


  3. RSM,
    You, sir, can only say "Je suis une capitaliste!" ... whilst in drag. [Man, now you're a francophobic tranny, too.]

    From Monday onwards, it should be "Je suis un entrepreneur."


  4. Been there, done that. Long story, but I knew a woman with a child (never married) who was a lesbian in a "committed relationship." This was back before I developed any sense of faith, btw. We became friends and somewhat drinking buddies, and one night things took a different turn and we spent the weekend together. She wound up breaking up with her girlfriend, and we went out for a while, but it didna work out, because she's nuts. She's still not a lesbian, I understand.

    Thing is, I could sense, way before we were even friends, that her lesbianism to say......not the only possible sexual avenue for her. Although she would later protest to the contrary, I always had the impression she was in play, heterosexually.

  5. With apologies to Katy Perry, I kissed a guy...and remembered why I prefer women.