Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Meghan

As if your father hadn't already done enough to associate the family name with the word LOSER, it seems you're determined to finish the job:
There's an especially unhealthy attitude among conservatives. Daughters of Republican politicians aren't expected to have sex, let alone enjoy it -- as if there were some strange chastity belt automatically attached to us female offspring.
No, that expectation is only for you, Meghan, because no one could stand the mental image of you naked. That's why -- and you might have noticed this -- your "romantic" encounters tend to begin with a guy saying, "Wow, last call already?"

Hat-tip: Laura. And dibs on the "Meghan McCain naked" Google-bomb. (Hey, Allah hates me. A guy's got to do something to gin up traffic. Dibs on "Meghan McCain gin," too.)


  1. The woman is a walking case for abstinence.

  2. Woo, tough guy! Takes a real man to knock around a 25-year-old girl! Who'd you warm up on, Dakota Fanning?

    Dibs on "Robert Stacy McCain old drunk bully."

    Use your formidable powers on someone your own size. For real. Gray hair professional journo bashing a chick who couldn't get into a bar too long ago -- very unbecoming.


  3. That's why your "romantic" encounters tend to begin with a guy saying, "Wow, last call already?"

    That is a devestating line. Remind me not to pick a fight with you.

  4. Not all the girls get prettier at closing time..

  5. There's an especially unhealthy attitude among conservatives.Yeah...and liberals have a particularly creepy fascination with teenage girls having sex.


    If Meghan thinks she's clever enough to step into the political punditry ring with the big boys, she better be prepared for a swift boot to the head when she makes an ass of herself.

  6. So, Meghan, because she's 25, is immune to criticism except by her peers? That's the most idiotic thing I've read (so far) today. But, the day is young.

    She's a big girl who doesn't limit her criticism to her peers. She writes "actual" essays in distinguished (cough) media outlets.

    Besides, Phil, isn't there's some Bristol Palin bashing to be done yet today?

    (unless Phil is joking, then ... well played.)

  7. Hey, Phil, if she can't stand the heat, WTF is she doing in the damn kitchen?

    RSM is absolutely right in schooling the worthless RINO pundette-wannabee; too bad her daddy didn't do the same years ago.

  8. Since this is the last day of make feminists hate you week, I'm expecting more of the same! Should be an eventful day.


    Megan is putting it... er... herself in the public eye. (Hello Larry King) It isn't like Stacy is going to her house picking a fight with her. She is clearly an adult at 25 so until Dakota Fanning starts blogging about what the conservative party should be OR turns 18, I think she is safe. Megan has been bashing conservatism for some time now. It is only a matter of months/years before she pulls an Specter.

    And much like Arlen, she won't be missed. (unless I'm the guy at the bar OR she begins "thinking" instead of "feeling" on issues)


  9. I agree that if McCain wants to get into the political foray, she needs to be able to stand criticism.

    I wish that instead of the McCains and Specters of the world telling us what is so wrong with convervatism or the Republican party, they would say ONE issue of where they are in disagreement with the Democrat party. Just ONE.

  10. Megan McCain I know youre a lesbo, that's sooo hot I want you! Maybe thats what you need a tough girl like me to turn you up side down you'll beg for more of me and not politics.

    You and your dad are both hot hot caliente!So, not fit for politics but, between the sheets.