Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Compliments or Attacks?

"Apparently, giving a woman a compliment on her good looks is inherently an insult now, no matter the context, at least if politics and the media are involved in any way. . . . It's one thing to point out blatant sexism in its true form. It's completely silly on the other hand to misconstrue obvious, harmless compliments as an insult in order to spark a fake verbal spar between two GOP leaders."


  1. Well, whatever Romney's intentions with his remark, I'm happy to see the Guv's response was classy--as always.

  2. The compliment belongs to the one to whom it was offered, to be received with grace (thanks for the link!) or to be politely ignored. The intent of the one who offered it is known only by him.

    That leaves it to two people, and no one else. Everything else is political war gaming by our Media.

  3. No, let'd consider the context of the question. He was asked about her ranking of Sarah and Rush, and just dismissed her for her looks, not the values she has lived, not
    her policy stances. Interestingly
    People Magazine, left her off the 100 most beautiful people, which basically invalidates the list. On previous occasions,the CPAC speech, at least one interview with Larry King, he brings up the apocryphal 11 million dollar book advance, or some snarky remark about her family's situation.

  4. Of course Romney meant it as a compliment!
    Of course Romney meant it as a snide remark...
    What made it a clever aside on the part of Romney is that it can be both.
    The Palin freaks over at C4P are absolutely foaming at the mouth over this. I suspect that if their response was tempered this story would have no legs.Of course, they'll want to blame the media for the attention this has garnered, but the Palin cultists will make sure, as most Cons do, that they deflect any blame elsewhere.

    People Magazine, left her off the 100 most beautiful people, which basically invalidates the list."
    Um, yeah....like I said, cultists.
    On the one hand they excoriate Romney for dismissing her for just being a looker, and they poop on People mag for not acknowledging her looks....

  5. That was my bid for Rule 5, it was weak, I'd admit it. Seriously how did People screw this up, and put Geithner and Michelle Obama, that was a diss. Now Bright Eyes, I'd expect you to do this, for Romney to do it, beggars belief. you want her allies on your side, because they are the base. You never know when you might be looking for work in the next administration. Great pic, Robert

  6. "...no matter the context..."

    Not if you pose it as a DICHOTOMY, Mitt, old boy.

  7. Honest, MIA made the list? Ever listen to her music? Militant stuff. She probably hates Linkage!