Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

This week's Rule 5 installment starts of with an homage to timeless beauty, as
Bea Arthur's loveliness stands immortalized. Heaven rest you, lady. Despite some effort, I couldn't track down a picture of her from History of the World, Part 1, where she's handing out the subsidies to the stand-up philosophers. Not a bad metaphor for these times, overall. There is a photo montage available on YouTube, for the serious fan.
On to b'iness, then:
  • Carol at No Sheeples Here reveals Robert Stacy Corleone, as she explores new realms of shamelessness in devotion to Rule 2
  • Donald Douglas brings the political angle with Ashley Swearengin, the Mayor of Fresno. Who is my Mayor? Who cares?
  • Jimmie at the Sundries Shack nominates Patti Ann, who is winning anything not judged by Perez Hilton.
  • The Purple Center has some reporting on the oldest profession in Germany that is slightly off our usual aesthetic appreciation topic, but we'll report and let you decide.
  • Anorak had a Piccadilly Circus dance sequence that captures quality and quantity.
  • Cynthia Yockey has some retro Gipper denim on offer. She also has a memorial to Bea Arthur. Cynthia includes a painting in her post that is, strictly speaking, NSFW. Sorry if I fall short of being that reactionary.
  • Another Anorak bit is this Claire Merry in an outfit from the new Star Trek movie, I guess. Allow me to confess some sci-fi burnout.
  • Carol had also sent in a Rule 5 beauty pageant entry, but I think that calling Perez Hilton a woman is disrespectful to honest ladies everywhere. An opinion.
  • Donald Douglas also had some Fox News post-Jean on Carrie Prejean. You figure she'll do better, in the long run, for having not made it past Miss California.
  • Five Feet of Fury has some elegance posted, with the title "If these links aren't safe for work, you shouldn't have listened to your guidance couselor". Wisdom.
  • Now, as far as Fausta goes, the more she claims it's not about the chest hair, the more I think: "It's about the chest hair".
  • Douglas again, having a Jennifer Love Hewitt moment. He seems to be tracking the Rule 5 thing, this Donald.
I've got your Hewitt, mister:
  • The Future Republican Senator knows how to target blogger support: Ali Larter
  • Mark Freeberg had some Rule 5 connected in some way to a great article entitled "101 Freedoms and Rights the Progressive Left Doesn’t Want You to Have".
  • Suzanna Logan posts herself for inclusion in this roundup, with excellent reason. I'd like to take a moment and extend sympathy to the dude cut out of the last photo, if my guess is correct and that's a prom photo or something.
  • David at Paco Enterprises comes through with another silver-screen effort. Yes!
  • Chad at the KURU Lounge contributes a couple of links: Joi Lansing, and then Valentina Ligouri, a "professional inline downhill speedskater".
  • Dave C at Point of a Gun suggests a new Rule 5 sub-category: "Future Ex-Wives of Dave C". First two candidates are Megyn Kelly and Carry Prejean. Dave: divorce bites, morally, mentally and physically. If you're not prepared to die with her, don't set about living with her. It's perfectly OK to admire her in a SFW way from a distance. The uncomplicated life is the happy life.
  • Case in point: Jennifer Anniston. Obviously I don't know her, and she's not without fault, but I'm almost nearly sort of moved to begin to start feeling glimmers of compassion when I see the check-out line magazines detailing her tragic existence. Jamie at EoP: I hope you have a purer approach than Dave at PoaG.
  • The Troglopundit offers some great Gina Elise work for your attention.
  • Pat in Shreveport gives us Jake Gyllenhall. Can you work on my wife's No Beards on Chris policy?
  • Via Instapundit, we have Anne McKinney doing "That's Pelosi" a fun Rule 5 (for the singer) stuffing:

The WyBlog chips in with a late, but, nevertheless, crucial update on the Lingerie Football League.

Update II:
Monique tries for, and wins, the Diversity Award with a nod to Selma Hayek, whose grasp of the economics of beauty cannot be denied.

Update III:
The Daily Gator must be reeling from having been just a bit too late for that diversity award, but Eva Longoria competes heavily, nonetheless.
Meanwhile, the Patriot Room thumbs its nose at the whole pageant debacle and serves up the Top 10 Red State Miss USA Winners. And that is a triumph of quality and quantity that we can all support.
That's all for now. You know the drill. Send your tasteful links to Smitty, and we'll add to the roll.