Tuesday, June 30, 2009

VF on Sarah Palin, Part III

Part I and Part II of my comments, and now I draw your attention to this on Page 8:
Palin's victory that November [2006, when she was elected governor of Alaska] was one of the flukiest successes in modern American politics.
But the victory of Barack Obama in 2008 -- when just four years earlier, he had been a mere state legislator in Illinois -- was destiny!


  1. Why can't they just leave this women alone?

  2. by "the other McCain" you mean the "less talented and more closeted" because objectively, that's what you demonstrate here.

  3. Gopherit! Congratulations! You've completed Task 1 of the liberal syllabus, the non sequitir ad hominem attack!

    A couple of pointers- the better read will recognize "objectively" as a Stalinist term, which is fine but a little Democratic Underground, and the implication of homosexuality is fine but a little junior high school.

    I saw Purdum on Hardball and thw whole thing came from McCain aides.

  4. Wow, "less talented and more closeted." That'll teach him. Somehow, Gopherit, I think RS has been called worse without it hurting his feelings. Go back to the Scrabble box, draw out a couple more letters, and see if you can't come up with something a little more compelling.

  5. Wow, more accusations of this guy with 16 kids being gay.

    What is *with* you people? LOL

    Maybe he's racist too, because he's white?

  6. I don't know. Given the...interesting...campaign season the Illinois GOP had, I would probably count Obama's Senate run in '04 as at least as much of a fluke.